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2023-01-20Measuring the low-carbon energy transition in Chinese cities.Shen, Y; Shi, X; Zhao, Z; Sun, Y; Shan, Y
2022-12-01Waste-Derived Catalysts for Water Electrolysis: Circular Economy-Driven Sustainable Green Hydrogen Energy.Chen, Z; Yun, S; Wu, L; Zhang, J; Shi, X; Wei, W; Liu, Y; Zheng, R; Han, N; Ni, B-J
2022-12-01Coordination between the energy-consumption permit trading scheme and carbon emissions trading: Evidence from ChinaZhang, Y; Wei, J; Gao, Q; Shi, X; Zhou, D
2022-12-01Optimizing the rolling out of China’s carbon marketWang, K; Wang, Z; Xian, Y; Shi, X; Yu, J; Feng, K; Hubacek, K; Wei, Y-M
2022-12-01Policy Dilemmas and Solutions to the Successful Energy TransitionZhang, D; Shi, X
2022-11-01Household carbon footprints inequality in China: Drivers, components and dynamicsWang, K; Cui, Y; Zhang, H; Shi, X; Xue, J; Yuan, Z
2022-11-01Cross-regional electricity and hydrogen deployment research based on coordinated optimization: Towards carbon neutrality in ChinaJin, C; Xiao, J; Hou, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, J; Lv, X; Sun, W; Jiang, H; Du, E; Fang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, X
2022-10-01Impact of inter-provincial power resource allocation on enterprise production behavior from a multi-scale correlation perspectiveWang, D; Mao, J; Cui, R; Yu, J; Shi, X
2022-09-25The COVID-19 pandemic and energy transitions: Evidence from low-carbon power generation in China.Li, K; Qi, S; Shi, X
2022-09-20Have Competitive Electricity Markets Rewarded Flexible Gas-Powered Generation? Australia’s Lessons for ASEANShi, X; Zhang, L; Wang, K; Chen, W; Phoumin, H
2022-09-01Impact of credit guarantee on firm performance: Evidence from China's SMEsYu, J; Peng, F; Shi, X; Yang, L
2022-08-09Policy entry points for facilitating a transition towards a low-carbon electricity futureYang, M; Sharma, D; Shi, X
2022-08-01Cooking fuel types and the health effects: A field study in ChinaHou, B; Wu, J; Mi, Z; Ma, C; Shi, X; Liao, H
2022-08-01Climate policy and low-carbon innovation: Evidence from low-carbon city pilots in ChinaPan, A; Zhang, W; Shi, X; Dai, L
2022-08-01Factors affecting economics of clean energy transmission channel in Southeast AsiaGao, Y; Jiang, H; Peng, F; Gao, Y; Zhang, Y; Shi, X
2022-08-01Deepening regional power connectivity: Beyond the industry-centric perspectiveYang, M; Shi, X; Zhou, Y; Xiang, J; Zhang, R
2022-06-24Editorial: Application of Big Data, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Other Advanced Analytical Techniques in Environmental Economics and PolicyCheong, TS; Shi, X; Li, Y; Sun, Y
2022-06-01Power connectivity in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) – The need for a wider discourseYang, M; Sharma, D; Shi, X; Mamaril, K; Jiang, H; Candlin, A
2022-06-01Economics of Climate Change: Global Trends, Country Specifics and Digital Perspectives of Climate ActionPopkova, EG; Shi, X
2022-05-01Global transfer of embodied energy: From source to sink through global value chainsPan, A; Xiao, T; Dai, L; Shi, X