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2020-03-01How China's electricity generation sector can achieve its carbon intensity reduction targets?Zhao, Y; Cao, Y; Shi, X; Li, H; Shi, Q; Zhang, Z
2020-01-01The effects of behavioral intention on the choice to purchase energy-saving appliances in China: the role of environmental attitude, concern, and perceived psychological benefits in shaping intentionLiao, X; Shen, SV; Shi, X
2019-12-01Stakeholders strategies in poverty alleviation and clean energy access: A case study of China's PV poverty alleviation programXu, L; Zhang, Q; Shi, X
2019-12-01Regional disparity and convergence of electricity consumption in China: A distribution dynamics approachCheong, TS; Li, VJ; Shi, X
2019-11-20Promoting green residential buildings by increasing homebuyers’ willingness to pay: Evidence from Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city in ChinaLiu, Y; Sun, X; Sun, T; Shi, X; Liu, J
2019-11-01How does the Chinese economy react to uncertainty in international crude oil prices?Cheng, D; Shi, X; Yu, J; Zhang, D
2019-11-01Cryptic phenology in plants: Case studies, implications, and recommendationsAlbert, LP; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Smith, MN; Wu, J; Chavana-Bryant, C; Prohaska, N; Taylor, TC; Martins, GA; Ciais, P; Mao, J; Arain, MA; Li, W; Shi, X; Ricciuto, DM; Huxman, TE; McMahon, SM; Saleska, SR
2019-10-01Carbon communities and hotspots for carbon emissions reduction in ChinaHuang, L; Kelly, S; Lu, X; Lv, K; Shi, X; Giurco, D
2019-10-01Unveiling key drivers of indirect carbon emissions of Chinese older householdsZhang, H; Zhang, L; Wang, K; Shi, X
2019-09-01Socio-economic development and electricity access in developing economies: A long-run model averaging approachZhang, T; Shi, X; Zhang, D; Xiao, J
2019-09-01Energy market financialization: Empirical evidence and implications from East Asian LNG marketsShi, X; Shen, Y; Wu, Y
2019-09-01Trans-ASEAN gas pipeline and ASEAN gas market integration: Insights from a scenario analysisShi, X; Variam, HMP; Shen, Y
2019-08-01Prospect of China's Energy Investment in Southeast Asia under the Belt and Road Initiative: A Sense of Ownership PerspectiveShi, X; Yao, L
2019-06-20Spatial heterogeneity and driving forces of environmental productivity growth in China: Would it help to switch pollutant discharge fees to environmental taxes?Wang, J; Wang, K; Shi, X; Wei, YM
2019-05-01Predictive Duty Cycle Control with Reversible Vector Selection for Three-Phase AC/DC ConvertersShi, X; Zhu, J; Li, L; Lu, DDC; Zhang, J; Yang, H
2019-05-01Can energy-price regulations smooth price fluctuations? Evidence from China's coal sectorZhang, Y; Nie, R; Shi, X; Qian, X; Wang, K
2019-03-01Resource abundance, industrial structure, and regional carbon emissions efficiency in ChinaWang, K; Wu, M; Sun, Y; Shi, X; Sun, A; Zhang, P
2019-03-01Model-Predictive-Based Duty Cycle Control with Simplified Calculation and Mutual Influence Elimination for AC/DC ConverterShi, X; Zhu, J; Li, L; Lu, DDC
2019-01-15The economic impact of climate risks in China: evidence from 47-sector panel data, 2000–2014Sun, Y; Zou, X; Shi, X; Zhang, P
2019-01-15Energy economy system and risk management: a contribution toward China meeting its goals for the Paris climate accordDing, Z; Wu, JS; Shi, X; Wang, Q