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2023-01-01A new perspective on Belite-ye'elimite-ferrite cement manufactured from electrolytic manganese residue: Production, properties, and environmental analysisWang, F; Long, G; Bai, M; Wang, J; Shi, Y; Zhou, X; Zhou, JL
2022-12-20A comparative study on mechanical properties and environmental impact of UHPC with belite cement and portland cementLi, Y; Zeng, X; Shi, Y; Yang, K; Zhou, J; Umar, HA; Long, G; Xie, Y
2022-12-12PyPop7: A Pure-Python Library for Population-Based Black-Box OptimizationDuan, Q; Zhou, G; Shao, C; Wang, Z; Feng, M; Yang, Y; Zhao, Q; Shi, Y
2022-11-25Utilization and life cycle assessment of low activity solid waste as cementitious materials: A case study of titanium slag and granulated blast furnace slag.Tao, M; Lu, D; Shi, Y; Wu, C
2022-11Lanthanide Ion Resonance-Driven Rayleigh Scattering of Nanoparticles for Dual-Modality Interferometric Scattering Microscopy.Ding, L; Shan, X; Wang, D; Liu, B; Du, Z; Di, X; Chen, C; Maddahfar, M; Zhang, L; Shi, Y; Reece, P; Halkon, B; Aharonovich, I; Xu, X; Wang, F
2022-09-01Spatial-temporal attention-based convolutional network with text and numerical information for stock price predictionLin, CT; Wang, YK; Huang, PL; Shi, Y; Chang, YC
2022-08-15Collective Learning of Low-Memory Matrix Adaptation for Large-Scale Black-Box OptimizationDuan, Q; Zhou, G; Shao, C; Yang, Y; Shi, Y
2022-07-15Fragility analysis for performance-based blast design of FRP-strengthened RC columns using artificial neural networkZhang, X; Li, ZX; Shi, Y; Wu, C; Li, J
2022-07-11Accurate 3-DoF Camera Geo-Localization via Ground-to-Satellite Image Matching.Shi, Y; Yu, X; Liu, L; Campbell, D; Koniusz, P; Li, H
2022-07-09Distributed evolution strategies for large-scale optimizationDuan, Q; Zhou, G; Shao, C; Yang, Y; Shi, Y
2022-05-01Multifunctional Virus Manipulation with Large-Scale Arrays of All-Dielectric Resonant NanocavitiesShi, Y; Wu, Y; Chin, LK; Li, Z; Liu, J; Chen, MK; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Liu, PY; Zhou, X; Cai, H; Jin, W; Yu, Y; Yu, R; Huang, W; Yap, PH; Xiao, L; Ser, W; Nguyen, TTB; Lin, YT; Wu, PC; Liao, J; Wang, F; Chan, CT; Kivshar, Y; Tsai, DP; Liu, AQ
2022-04-25Query-efficient Black-box Adversarial Attack with Customized Iteration and Sampling.Shi, Y; Han, Y; Hu, Q; Yang, Y; Tian, Q
2022-03-01Data-Driven Immersion and Invariance Adaptive Attitude Control for Rigid Bodies With Double-Level State ConstraintsShao, X; Hu, Q; Shi, Y; Yi, B
2022-02The impact of digitalization on supply chain resilience: an empirical study of the Chinese manufacturing industryShi, Y; Zheng, X; Venkatesh, VG; Humdan, EAI; Paul, SK
2022-01-07Geometry-Guided Street-View Panorama Synthesis from Satellite Imagery.Shi, Y; Campbell, DJ; Yu, X; Li, H
2022-01-01Parallel Population-Based Simulated Annealing for High-Dimensional Black-Box OptimizationZhang, Y; Duan, Q; Shao, C; Shi, Y
2022-01-01Composite Adaptive Control for Anti-Unwinding Attitude Maneuvers: An Exponential Stability Result Without Persistent ExcitationShao, X; Hu, Q; Li, D; Shi, Y; Yi, B
2022-01-01BiES: Adaptive Policy Optimization for Model-Based Offline Reinforcement LearningYang, Y; Jiang, J; Wang, Z; Duan, Q; Shi, Y
2022-01-01Federated Fuzzy Neural Network with Evolutionary Rule LearningZhang, L; Shi, Y; Chang, YC; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Distributed Semi-supervised Fuzzy Regression with Interpolation Consistency RegularizationShi, Y; Zhang, L; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT