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2023-09-04Guidance in Creating Honours (Fourth Year) and Postgraduate Equity Pathways in Tertiary Psychology for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Applicants: A Report from the Equity Pathways Working Group as part of the AIPEP Community of Practice.Shires, A
2023-01-01Predictive Validity and Response Shift in the Equanimity Scale-16Shires, A; Osborne, S; Cayoun, BA; Williams, E; Rogers, K
2022-01-01The Equanimity Scale 16.HANDBOOK OF ASSESSMENT IN MINDFULNESS RESEARCHShires, A; Cayoun, B; Elphinstone, B; Oleg N. Medvedev,,; Christian U. Krägeloh, Richard J. Siegert,; Nirbhay N. Singh,
2021-12-01Mindfulness Focussed Yoga: The Role of Interoceptive Awareness in Mindfulness and Yoga Interventions for Trauma and Pain.Shires, A
2021-03The Temporal Stability of the Kessler Psychological Distress ScaleShires, A; merson, F; mahoney, A; Newby, J
2021-02-12Sexual Difficulties in the Population with Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review.Katz, H; Newton-John, TRO; Shires, A
2021-01-01Innovations in Competence Assessment: Design and Initial Validation of the Vignette Matching Assessment Tool (VMAT)Gonsalvez, CJ; Deane, FP; Terry, J; Nasstasia, Y; Shires, A
2021-01-01“Thinking it through”: toward a model of reflective practice for trainee psychologists’ countertransference reactionsCartwright, C; Hayes, JA; Yang, Y; Shires, A
2020-12-31Sexual Difficulties in the Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain Population: A Systematic ReviewKatz, H; Newton John, T; Shires, A
2020-12-31Co-emergence Reinforcement and its Relevance to Interoceptive Desensitization in Mindfulness and Therapies Aiming at Transdiagnostic Efficacy.Cayoun, B; Shires, A
2020-09-09Development and Validation of the Equanimity Scale-16Rogers, H; Cayoun, B; Shires, A
2020-05-31The efficacy of mindfulness based interventions in acute pain: a systematic review and meta-analysisShires, A; Sharpe, L; Davies, J; NewtonJohn, T
2020Immediate and Lasting Chronic Pain Reduction Following a Brief Self-Implemented Mindfulness-Based Interoceptive Exposure Task: a Pilot StudyCayoun, B; Simmons, A; Shires, A
2020Evidence-based practice within supervision during psychology practitioner training: A systematic reviewBarrett, J; Gonsalvez, CJ; Shires, A
2019-04-01The relative efficacy of mindfulness versus distraction: The moderating role of attentional biasShires, A; Sharpe, L; Newton John, TRO
2019-01-31Yoga for PTSD and the role of interoceptive awareness: A preliminary mixed-methods case series studyShires, A; Neukirch, N; Reid, S
2018-08-01Mindfulness-Integrated CBT (MiCBT) for Reducing Distress in Parents of Children with Intellectual Disability (ID): a Case SeriesOsborn, R; Girgis, M; Morse, S; Sladakovic, J; Kneebone, I; Shires, A; Durvasula, S; Roberts, L
2017-11-01Competency-based training and assessment in Australian postgraduate clinical psychology educationStevens, B; Hyde, J; Knight, R; Shires, A; Alexander, R
2017-04-01Addressing Professional Competency Problems in Clinical Psychology TraineesNicholson Perry, K; Donovan, M; Knight, R; Shires, A
2015-01-01A Pilot Study of a Method for Teaching Clinical Psychology Trainees to Conceptualise and Manage CountertransferenceCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A