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2023-09-16Graphitic carbon nanomaterial-based membranes for water desalinationSeo, DH; Barclay, M; Park, MJ; Wang, C; Ostrikov, K; Shon, HK
2023-05Hydfrogen production from water industries for a circular economyKabir, MM; Akter, MM; Huang, Z; Tijing, L; Shon, HK
2023-04In-situ desalination-coupled electrolysis with concurrent one-step-synthesis of value-added chemicalsKim, B-J; Shon, HK; Han, DS; Park, H
2023-03-15Potential application of hybrid reverse electrodialysis (RED)-forward osmosis (FO) system to fertilizer-producing industrial plant for efficient water reuseElmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Gulied, M; Qiblawey, H; Hammadi, B; Khraisheh, M; Shon, HK; Park, H; Han, DS
2023-03-01Graphene oxide-based layer-by-layer nanofiltration membrane using inkjet printing for desalinationWang, C; Park, MJ; Gonzales, RR; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2023-03Electrospun nanofiber composite membranes for geothermal brine treatment with lithium enrichment via membrane distillation.Afsari, M; Li, Q; Karbassiyazdi, E; Shon, HK; Razmjou, A; Tijing, LD
2023-02-27Novel LiAlO2 Material for Scalable and Facile Lithium Recovery Using Electrochemical Ion Pumping.Elmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Hafsa, U; Al-Sulaiti, L; Ahmad, Z; Chen, Y; Park, H; Shon, HK; Ho, Y-C; Han, DS
2023-02-15Advances in metal organic framework (MOF) – Based membranes and adsorbents for lithium-ion extractionRaggam, S; Mohammad, M; Choo, Y; Naidu, G; Zargar, M; Shon, HK; Razmjou, A
2023-02-15Polyamidoamine and carboxylated cellulose nanocrystal grafted antifouling forward osmosis membranes for efficient leachate treatment via integrated forward osmosis and membrane distillation processZhang, J; Zhang, N; Wang, D; Gao, B; Shon, HK; Yang, X; Zhao, H; Wang, Z
2023-02-03Janus Distillation Membrane via Mussel-Inspired Inkjet Printing Modification for Anti-Oil Fouling Membrane Distillation.Afsari, M; Park, MJ; Kaleekkal, NJ; Motsa, MM; Shon, HK; Tijing, L
2023-01-15ZiF-8 induced carbon electrodes for selective lithium recovery from aqueous feed water by employing capacitive deionization systemHossain, SM; Yu, H; Choo, Y; Naidu, G; Han, DS; Shon, HK
2023-01-01Characterization of nanofibers and nanofiber membranesAfsari, M; Shon, HK; Tijing, LD
2023Chapter 11 Characterization of nanofibers and nanofiber membranesAfsari, M; Shon, HK; Tijing, LD
2022-12-01Challenges in environmental science and engineeringShon, HK; Jegatheesan, V; Phuntsho, S; Fujiwara, T; Woo, Y; Yan, B
2022-12-01Is conductivity measurement or inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry reliable to define rejection of different ions?Xu, S; He, R; Zhao, S; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-11-15Thermo-responsive hydrogel with deep eutectic mixture co-monomer as drawing agent for forward osmosisBendoy, AP; Zeweldi, HG; Park, MJ; Shon, HK; Kim, H; Chung, WJ; Nisola, GM
2022-11-05Recent advances of nanocomposite membranes using layer-by-layer assemblyWang, C; Park, MJ; Yu, H; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2022-11-01Fabrication of thin film composite polyamide membrane for water purification via inkjet printing of aqueous and solvent inksPark, MJ; Wang, C; Gonzales, RR; Phuntsho, S; Matsuyama, H; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
2022-10-05Fabrication of dialyzer membrane-based forward osmosis modules via vacuum-assisted interfacial polymerization for the preparation of dialysateZhao, S; Dou, P; Sun, N; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-10-01Low energy resonance vibration submerged membrane system for microalgae harvesting: Performance and feasibilityMin, C; Kim, JE; Shon, HK; Kim, SH