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2021-02-01Response Prediction to Walking-Induced Vibrations of a Long-Span Timber FloorBasaglia, BM; Li, J; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2020-02-10Effectiveness of interventions for changing HIV related risk behaviours among key populations in low-income setting: A Meta-Analysis, 2001-2016.Deuba, K; Sapkota, D; Shrestha, U; Shrestha, R; Rawal, BB; Badal, K; Baird, K; Ekström, AM
2019-05-01Experimental and analytical investigation on CFRP strengthened glulam laminated timber beams: Full-scale experimentsVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2019Application of Geopolymer Concrete for Precast Components: a reviewDangol, S; Shrestha, R; Sirivivatnanon, V; kidd, P; perry, B
2018-12-27Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Bond Thickness on the Interface Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Sheet Bonded to TimberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2018-12-01Whole-exome sequencing reanalysis at 12 months boosts diagnosis and is cost-effective when applied early in Mendelian disordersEwans, LJ; Schofield, D; Shrestha, R; Zhu, Y; Gayevskiy, V; Ying, K; Walsh, C; Lee, E; Kirk, EP; Colley, A; Ellaway, C; Turner, A; Mowat, D; Worgan, L; Freckmann, ML; Lipke, M; Sachdev, R; Miller, D; Field, M; Dinger, ME; Buckley, MF; Cowley, MJ; Roscioli, T
2018-09-15Bond strength model for externally bonded FRP-to-timber interfaceVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2018-07-30Experimental and theoretical analysis of severely damaged concrete beams strengthened with CFRPKabir, MI; Subhani, M; Shrestha, R; Samali, B
2018-05-01Analysis of externally bonded Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers sheet to timber interfaceVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2018-03-01Integrating exome sequencing into a diagnostic pathway for epileptic encephalopathy: Evidence of clinical utility and cost effectivenessPalmer, EE; Schofield, D; Shrestha, R; Kandula, T; Macintosh, R; Lawson, JA; Andrews, I; Sampaio, H; Johnson, AM; Farrar, MA; Cardamone, M; Mowat, D; Elakis, G; Lo, W; Zhu, Y; Ying, K; Morris, P; Tao, J; Dias, KR; Buckley, M; Dinger, ME; Cowley, MJ; Roscioli, T; Kirk, EP; Bye, A; Sachdev, RK
2018-01-01Vibration response of a long-span LVL floor: Comparison between Japanese and Australian assessment measuresBasaglia, B; Shrestha, R; Crews, K; Yokoyama, Y
2018-01-01How the choice of building materials affects the environmental burdens in non-residential and multistorey residential building construction?Nguyen, TLH; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2018-01-01Width effect of FRP externally bonded to timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2018-01-01Timber type effect on bond strength of frp externally bonded timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2017-12-18Modelling of Factors Affecting Bond Strength of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Externally Bonded to Timber and ConcreteVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2017-10-01Effective bond length and bond behaviour of FRP externally bonded to timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2017-03-01Pull-out Strengths of GFRP-Concrete Bond Exposed to Applied Environmental ConditionsKabir, MI; Samali, B; Shrestha, R
2016-09-30Experimental and analytical study on dynamic performance of timber floor modules (timber beams)Rijal, R; Samali, B; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2016-01-01The use of cross laminated timber for Long span flooring in commercial buildingsLewis, K; Basaglia, B; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
2016-01-01Modelling the bond slip behaviour of FRP externally bonded to timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K