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2022-02Weight change after antiretroviral therapy initiation among adults living with HIV in Northwest Ethiopia: a longitudinal data analysisAlebel, A; Demant, D; Petrucka, PM; Sibbritt, D
2022-01-01Stress Watch: The Use of Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability to Detect Stress: A Pilot Study Using Smart Watch Wearables.Chalmers, T; Hickey, BA; Newton, P; Lin, C-T; Sibbritt, D; McLachlan, CS; Clifton-Bligh, R; Morley, J; Lal, S
2022-01-01Health-seeking behaviour, views and preferences of adults with suspected increased intestinal permeability: A cross-sectional survey of Australian adultsLeech, B; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Sibbritt, D
2021-12-14Does undernutrition increase the risk of lost to follow-up in adults living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa? Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis.Alebel, A; Demant, D; Petrucka, P; Sibbritt, D
2021-12How can human resources for health interventions contribute to sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn healthcare quality across the continuum in low- and lower-middle-income countries? A systematic reviewNegero, MG; Sibbritt, D; Dawson, A
2021-12The mediational role of social support in the relationship between stress and antenatal anxiety and depressive symptoms among Australian women: a mediational analysisBedaso, A; Adams, J; Peng, W; Sibbritt, D
2021-12Women's distinct diabetes self-management behaviours demand gender-specific diabetes research: improving chronic disease management and addressing clinical governance issues.Oorschot, T; Adams, J; Andrikopoulos, S; Sibbritt, D
2021-10-22The association between social support and antenatal depressive and anxiety symptoms among Australian women.Bedaso, A; Adams, J; Peng, W; Sibbritt, D
2021-10-22Occupational and Leisure-Time Physical Activity Have Different Relationships With Health: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Working Nurses.Parker, HM; Gallagher, R; Duffield, C; Ding, D; Sibbritt, D; Perry, L
2021-10-04Annual out-of-pocket expenditure associated with healthcare use among Australian older women with osteoporosis: a cross-sectional study.Adams, J; Bayes, J; Hosseini, M; Sibbritt, D
2021-09-22Influence of COVID-19 on the preventive health behaviours of indigenous peoples of Australia residing in New South Wales: a mixed-method study protocol.© Author(s) (or their employer(s)) 2021. Re- use permitted under CC BY- NC. No commercial re- use. See rights and permissions. Published by BMJ; Usher, K; Bhullar, N; Sibbritt, D; Anubha Amarasena, SS; Peng, W; Durkin, J; Smallwood, R; Power, T; Porter, C; McGowen, D; Jackson, D
2021-09-21Correction to: Prevalence and determinants of low social support during pregnancy among Australian women: a community-based cross-sectional study.Bedaso, A; Adams, J; Peng, W; Sibbritt, D
2021-09-07The Subjective Well-being and Health-Related Quality of Life of Australian Adults with Increased Intestinal Permeability and Associations with Treatment Interventions.Leech, B; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Sibbritt, D
2021-09-01Integrative health services use for depression in middle-aged and older Australian womenSibbritt, D; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Peng, W; Adams, J
2021-08-15Practitioner and practice characteristics of Australian osteopaths who discuss lifestyle factors with patients: Findings from a national practice-based research network.Adams, J; Sibbritt, D; Steel, A; Peng, W
2021-08-14Modelling the cost of place of birth: a pathway analysisScarf, VL; Yu, S; Viney, R; Cheah, SL; Dahlen, H; Sibbritt, D; Thornton, C; Tracy, S; Homer, C
2021-08-02The Characteristics of Women Aged 59-64 Years Who Consult Health Care Practitioners for Back Pain from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (ALSWH)Maddela, P; Frawley, J; Sibbritt, D
2021-07-28The relationship between social support and mental health problems during pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysisBedaso, A; Adams, J; Peng, W; Sibbritt, D
2021-07-27Prevalence and determinants of low social support during pregnancy among Australian women: a community-based cross-sectional studyBedaso, A; Adams, J; Peng, W; Sibbritt, D
2021-07-13Progressing our understanding of the impacts of nutrition on the brain and behaviour in anorexia nervosa: a tyrosine case study exampleHart, M; Sibbritt, D; Williams, LT; Nunn, KP; Wilcken, B