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2021-11-01A review of the publication and patent landscape of anode materials for lithium ion batteriesSick, N; Krätzig, O; Eshetu, GG; Figgemeier, E
2021-04-01Exploring the role of entrepreneurial passion for facilitating university technology commercialization: Insights from battery research as an interdisciplinary fieldKrätzig, O; Sick, N
2021-03-01Forty years of World Patent Information: A bibliometric overviewSick, N; Merigó, JM; Krätzig, O; List, J
2021-01-01Exploring the research landscape of convergence from a TIM perspective: A review and research agendaSick, N; Bröring, S
2020-12-11Management Consulting Techniques in Engineering Education – The Case of Operations EngineeringLammers, T; Sick, N; Kandlbinder, P
2020-06-01Encouraging and enabling action research in innovation managementGuertler, MR; Kriz, A; Sick, N
2020-04-16Unternehmertum in der digitalen Stadt – Welche Rolle spielt die Gründungslandschaft beim Wettbewerb um die vorderen Plätze in internationalen Städterankings?Lammers, T; Borkert, M; Sick, N; Hoelzle, K; TIberius, V; Surrey, H
2020-01-01Exploring the enabling effects of project management for SMEs in adopting open innovation – A framework for partner search and selection in open innovation projectsGuertler, MR; Sick, N
2020-01-01Social media analytics for knowledge acquisition of market and non-market perceptions in the sharing economyGeissinger, A; Laurell, C; Öberg, C; Sandström, C; Sick, N; Suseno, Y
2019-12-01Multi-level perspective to facilitate sustainable transitions - A pathway for german oems towards electric vehiclesKrätzig, O; Franzkowiak, V; Sick, N
2019-12-01Multi-level perspective to facilitate sustainable transitions - A pathway for german oems towards electric vehiclesKrätzig, O; Franzkowiak, V; Sick, N
2019-09-12Digital technologies, competitiveness & policies: An integrative city-based policy roadmap for entrepreneurial ecosystemsCetindamar; Lammers, T; Sick, N
2019-08-01Operationalising ambidexterity: The role of 'better' management practices in high-variety, low-volume manufacturingKatic, M; Cetindamar, D; Agarwal, R; Sick, N
2019-07-15Understanding The Relationship Between Smart Cities And Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Case Of SydneyCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Lammers, T; Sick, N; Biloria, N
2019-06-01A new framework to assess industry convergence in high technology environmentsSick, N; Preschitschek, N; Leker, J; Bröring, S
2019-04-29A Discipline-Spanning Overview of Action Research and Its Implications for Technology and Innovation ManagementGuertler, M; Sick, N; Kriz, A
2019Operationalising ambidexterity: The role of better management practices in high-variety, low volume manufacturingSick, N; Katic, M; Agarwal, R; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D
2018-12-01Assessing value creation in digital innovation ecosystems: A Social Media Analytics approachSuseno, Y; Laurell, C; Sick, N
2018-11-10Start-ups as technology life cycle indicator for the early stage of application: An analysis of the battery value chainSick, N; Bröring, S; Figgemeier, E
2018-10-04Establishing entrepreneurship ecosystems based on digital technologies: A policy roadmap approach at the city levelCetindamar, D; Lammers, T; Sick, N