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2022-10-29Are We Richer than Our Parents Were? Absolute Income Mobility in Australia*Kennedy, T; Siminski, P
2022-04-01The economic impacts of direct natural disaster exposureJohar, M; Johnston, DW; Shields, MA; Siminski, P; Stavrunova, O
2022-02-24The Correlation of Wealth Between Parents and Children in AustraliaSiminski, P; Yu, SHT
2022Specialization, Comparative Advantage, and the Sexual Division of LaborSiminski, P; Yetsenga, R
2021-12-01Upside-Down Down-Under: Cold Temperatures Reduce Learning in AustraliaJohnston, DW; Knott, R; Mendolia, S; Siminski, P
2021-12-01Upside-Down Down-Under: Cold Temperatures Reduce Learning in AustraliaJohnston, DW; Knott, R; Mendolia, S; Siminski, P
2021-01-01The Effect of Outside Temperatures on Criminal Court Sentencing DecisionsSiminski, P; Evans, S
2019-07-01Pension incentives and the joint retirement of couples: evidence from two natural experimentsAtalay, K; Barrett, GF; Siminski, P
2018-12-01Direct Measures of Intergenerational Income Mobility for AustraliaMurray, C; Clark, RG; Mendolia, S; Siminski, P
2018-01-01College party culture and sexual assaultLindo, JM; Siminski, P; Swensen, ID
2017-09-01The Effects of World War II Military Service: Evidence from AustraliaCousley, A; Siminski, P; Ville, S
2017-08-01Is education the mechanism through which family background affects economic outcomes? A generalised approach to mediation analysisMendolia, S; Siminski, P
2016-12-01The effect of supplemental instruction on academic performance: An encouragement design experimentPaloyo, AR; Rogan, S; Siminski, P
2016-07-01Breaking the Link between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South WalesLindo, JM; Siminski, P; Yerokhin, O
2016-01-01New Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility in AustraliaMendolia, S; Siminski, P
2016-01-01Long-term health effects of Vietnam-era military service: A quasi-experiment using Australian conscription lotteriesJohnston, DW; Shields, MA; Siminski, P
2016-01-01Does the military turn men into criminals? New evidence from Australia’s conscription lotteriesSiminski, P; Ville, S; Paull, A
2015-01-01The front line of social capital creation - A natural experiment in symbolic interactionPatulny, R; Siminski, P; Mendolia, S
2013-10-28Employment effects of army service and veterans' compensation: Evidence from the australian vietnam-era conscription lotteriesSiminski, P
2013-05-01Are low-skill public sector workers really overpaid? A quasi-differenced panel data analysisSiminski, P