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1-Jul-2019Pension incentives and the joint retirement of couples: evidence from two natural experimentsAtalay, K; Barrett, GF; Siminski, P
1-Dec-2018Direct Measures of Intergenerational Income Mobility for AustraliaMurray, C; Clark, RG; Mendolia, S; Siminski, P
1-Jan-2018College party culture and sexual assaultLindo, JM; Siminski, P; Swensen, ID
1-Sep-2017The Effects of World War II Military Service: Evidence from AustraliaCousley, A; Siminski, P; Ville, S
1-Aug-2017Is education the mechanism through which family background affects economic outcomes? A generalised approach to mediation analysisMendolia, S; Siminski, P
1-Dec-2016The effect of supplemental instruction on academic performance: An encouragement design experimentPaloyo, AR; Rogan, S; Siminski, P
1-Jul-2016Breaking the Link between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South WalesLindo, JM; Siminski, P; Yerokhin, O
1-Jan-2016Does the military turn men into criminals? New evidence from Australia’s conscription lotteriesSiminski, P; Ville, S; Paull, A
1-Jan-2016New Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility in AustraliaMendolia, S; Siminski, P
1-Jan-2016Long-term health effects of Vietnam-era military service: A quasi-experiment using Australian conscription lotteriesJohnston, DW; Shields, MA; Siminski, P
1-Jan-2015The front line of social capital creation - A natural experiment in symbolic interactionPatulny, R; Siminski, P; Mendolia, S
28-Oct-2013Employment effects of army service and veterans' compensation: Evidence from the australian vietnam-era conscription lotteriesSiminski, P
1-May-2013Are low-skill public sector workers really overpaid? A quasi-differenced panel data analysisSiminski, P
1-Dec-2012Is the Age Gradient in Self-Reported Material Hardship Explained By Resources, Needs, Behaviors, or Reporting Bias?Siminski, P; Yerokhin, O
1-Sep-2012I Was Only Nineteen, 45Years Ago: What Can we Learn from Australia's Conscription Lotteries?Siminski, P; Ville, S
1-Jun-2012Changing Fortunes: Income Mobility and Poverty Dynamics in BritainSiminski, P
1-Nov-2011A fair and equitable method of recruitment? Conscription by ballot into the Australian army during the Vietnam warVille, S; Siminski, P
1-Sep-2011The Effect of Motherhood on Wages and Wage Growth: Evidence for AustraliaLivermore, T; Rodgers, J; Siminski, P
1-May-2011Long-run mortality effects of Vietnam-era Army service: Evidence from Australia's conscription lotteriesSiminski, P; Ville, S
1-Apr-2011If Men Do More Housework, Do Their Wives Have More Babies?Craig, L; Siminski, P