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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01A Scalable Architecture Supporting QoS Guarantees Using Traffic Engineering and Policy Based Routing in the InternetNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ
2007-12-01Effect of network policies on internet traffic engineeringNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ
2006-12-01Policy Based QoS support using BGP routingNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ
2006-01PARM: A physically-aware reference model for overlay for peer to peer internetworkingLe, H; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ; N/A
2005-09-15Fair intelligent admission control over resource-feedback DiffServ networkLi, M; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
2005-01An efficient mechanism for mobility support using peer-to-peer overlay and networksLe, T; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ; Yousef, B; Chan, JC; NA
2004-01An Efficient Scheme for Locating Nodes in the Internet Geo-LPM: Geographic Longest Prefix MatchingLe, T; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ; Safaei, F; Jha, S; Everitt, D
2003-12-01Class-based fair intelligent admission control over an enhanced differentiated service networkLi, M; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
2003-12-01Policy based architecture for QoS over differentiated services networkNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ
2003-01-01Fair intelligent admission control over DiffServ networkLi, M; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
2003-01Student Learning Experience with an Industry Certification Course at UniversitySimmonds, AJ; Greening, T; Lister, R
2002-01Measuring Quality of Service in A Differentiated Services Domain With LinuxNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ; Lee, S; Iyer, S; Naik, S
2002-01Providing End-to-End Guaranteed Quality of Service Over The Internet: A Survey on Bandwidth Broker Architecture For Differentiated Services NetworkNanda, P; Simmonds, AJ; Pujari, AK; Mohapatra, P
2002-01Resource Management in Differentiated Services NetworksSimmonds, AJ; Nanda, P; McDonald, C