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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-26Evaluation on interactive visualization data with scatterplotsHuang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Miller, N; Arness, D; Huang, W; Simoff, S
2020-09-11Enhancing Scatter-plots with Start-plots for Visualising Multi-dimensional DataNguyen, QV; Huang, ML; Simoff, S; Banissi, E
2020-09Evaluation on interactive visualization data with scatterplotsNguyen, QV; Miller, N; Arness, D; Huang, W; Huang, ML; Simoff, S
2019-12-01Using Game Description Language for mediated dispute resolutionde Jonge, D; Trescak, T; Sierra, C; Simoff, S; de Mántaras, RL
2019-07-01Two-dimensional immersive cohort analysis supporting personalised medical treatmentBrunker, A; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, P; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV
2019-01-28Passive RFID Localization in the Internet of ThingsAlsinglawi, BS; Nguyen, QV; Gunawardana, U; Simoff, S; Maeder, A; Elkhodr, M; Alshehri, M
2018-12-26A Mobile Tool for Interactive Visualisation of Genomics DataVinh Nguyen, Q; Qu, Z; Lin Huang, M; Wei Lau, C; Simoff, S; Catchpoole, DR
2018-08-01Enabling effective tree exploration using visual cuesNguyen, QV; Arness, D; Sanderson, CJ; Simoff, S; Huang, ML
2017-01-01The argumentative mediatorSierra, C; de Mantaras, RL; Simoff, S
2016-12-01Visual analytics of complex genomics data to guide effective treatment decisionsNguyen, QV; Khalifa, NH; Alzamora, P; Gleeson, A; Catchpoole, D; Kennedy, PJ; Simoff, S
2016-09-24Deep exploration of multidimensional data with linkable scatterplotsNguyen, QV; Simoff, S; Qian, Y; Huang, ML
2016-06-30Enabling Gesture Interaction with 3D Point CloudCook, H; Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Huang, M; Skala, V
2016-01-01Areas of life visualisation: Growing data-relianceTran, J; Nguyen, QV; Simoff, S; Huang, ML
2015-12-01Divide and Conquer treemaps: Visualizing large trees with various shapesLiang, J; Vinh Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Lin Huang, M
2014-10-21Angular TreemapsHuang, M; Liang, J; Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Banissi, E; Marchese, FT; Forsell, C; Johansson, J
2014-01-01Using visual cues on DOITree for visualizing large hierarchical dataNguyen, QV; Simoff, S; Huang, ML
2013-09-16Visualizing large trees with divide & conquer partitionLiang, J; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV; Huang, ML
2012-12-01Rectangle orientation in area judgment task for treemap designLiang, J; Hua, J; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Simoff, S
2012-10-31Framing interaction through engagement in interactive open ended environmentsDeray, K; Simoff, S
2012-10-31Angular treemaps - A new technique for visualizing and emphasizing hierarchical structuresLiang, J; Nguyen, QV; Simoff, S; Huang, ML