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2022-08-01Tunable terahertz filter/antenna-sensor using graphene-based metamaterialsEsfandiyari, M; Lalbakhsh, A; Jarchi, S; Ghaffari-Miab, M; Mahtaj, HN; Simorangkir, RBVB
2022-05-11A Conformal and Transparent Frequency Reconfigurable Water AntennaSayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Buckley, JL
2022-02-08Flexible and Transparent Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for Reliable Unobtrusive Wearable Wireless Communications.Sayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A; Gawade, DR; O'Flynn, B; Buckley, JL
2022-01-01Advancements and artificial intelligence approaches in antennas for environmental sensingLalbakhsh, A; Simorangkir, RBVB; Bayat-Makou, N; Kishk, AA; Esselle, KP
2022-01-01Flexible Transparent Antennas: Advancements, Challenges, and ProspectsSayem, ASM; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP; Buckley, JL; O'Flynn, B; Simorangkir, RBVB
2022-01-01Design and Analysis of GO Coated High Sensitive Tunable SPR Sensor for OATR Spectroscopic Biosensing ApplicationsIslam, MA; Paul, AK; Hossain, B; Sarkar, AK; Rahman, MM; Sayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Shobug, MA; Buckley, JL; Chakrabarti, K; Lalbakhsh, A
2022-01-01Optimal Solar Greenhouses Design Using Multiobjective Genetic AlgorithmKarambasti, BM; Naghashzadegan, M; Ghodrat, M; Ghorbani, G; Simorangkir, RBVB; Lalbakhsh, A
2021-04-27Performance Improvement of a Water-Based Transparent and Flexible Unidirectional AntennaMd. Sayem, AS; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM
2021An Electronically-Tunable, Flexible and Transparent Antenna with Unidirectional Radiation PatternSayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, D; Lalbakhsh, A
2020-12-01Optically Transparent Flexible Robust Circularly Polarized Antenna for UHF RFID TagsSayem, ASM; Le, D; Simorangkir, RBVB; Bjorninen, T; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Zhadobov, M
2020-10-01A Method to Develop Flexible Robust Optically Transparent Unidirectional Antennas Utilizing Pure Water, PDMS, and Transparent Conductive MeshSayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Liu, H
2020-09-01Recent developments and state of the art in flexible and conformal reconfigurable antennasMohamadzade, B; Simorangkir, RBVB; Maric, S; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM
2020-05-13A Low Profile, UWB Circular Patch Antenna with Monopole-Like Radiation CharacteristicsMohamadzade, B; Simorangkir, RBVB; Hashmi, RM; Esselle, KP
2019-12-01Development of Robust Transparent Conformal Antennas Based on Conductive Mesh-Polymer Composite for Unobtrusive Wearable ApplicationsSayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM
2019-12-01Washing Durability of PDMS-Conductive Fabric Composite: Realizing Washable UHF RFID TagsSimorangkir, RBVB; Le, D; Bjorninen, T; Sayem, ASM; Zhadobov, M; Sauleau, R
2018-12-11PDMS-Embedded Conductive Fabric: A Simple Solution for Fabricating PDMS-Based Wearable Antennas with Robust PerformanceSimorangkir, RBVB; Feng, S; Sayem, AS; Esselle, KP; Yang, Y
2018-08-28Polydimethylsiloxane-Embedded Conductive Fabric: Characterization and Application for Realization of Robust Passive and Active Flexible Wearable AntennasSimorangkir, RBVB; Yang, Y; Hashmi, RM; Bjorninen, T; Esselle, KP; Ukkonen, L
2018-03-01UWB Wearable Antenna with a Full Ground Plane Based on PDMS-Embedded Conductive FabricSimorangkir, RBVB; Kiourti, A; Esselle, KP
2018-01-01A Transparent Strain Sensor Based on PDMS-Embedded Conductive Fabric for Wearable Sensing ApplicationsNag, A; Simorangkir, RBVB; Valentin, E; Björninen, T; Ukkonen, L; Hashmi, RM; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2018-01-01Robust implementation of flexible wearable antennas with PDMS-embedded conductive fabricSimorangkir, RBVB; Yang, Y; Esselle, KP