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1-Aug-2019Managing systemic uncertainty: The role of industry-level management controls and hybridsThambar, PJ; Brown, DA; Sivabalan, P
1-Mar-2019Does greater user representation lead to more user focused standards? An empirical investigation of IASB's approach to standard settingBhimani, A; Bond, D; Sivabalan, P
1-Jan-2019Automation and management control in dynamic environments: Managing organisational flexibility and energy efficiency in service sectorsBrown, P; Ly, T; Pham, H; Sivabalan, P
1-Sep-2018How do enterprises respond to a managerial accounting performance measure mandated by the state?Bhimani, A; Dai, NT; Sivabalan, P; Tang, G
1-Apr-2018A study of the linkages between rolling budget forms, uncertainty and strategyBhimani, A; Sivabalan, P; Soonawalla, K
1-Dec-2017Management control and trust in virtual settings: A case study of a virtual new product development teamBisbe, J; Sivabalan, P
13-Mar-2014Socio-hydrologic drivers of the pendulum swing between agricultural development and environmental health: A case study from Murrumbidgee River basin, AustraliaKandasamy, J; Sounthararajah, D; Sivabalan, P; Chanan, A; Vigneswaran, S; Sivapalan, M
1-Jan-2014The legitimacy of new assurance providers: Making the cap fitAndon, P; Free, C; Sivabalan, P
24-Sep-2013The application of target costing to the real-estate investment industry - A dual model approachWu, CL; Brown, D; Sivabalan, P; Huang, PH
1-Dec-2009An exploratory study of operational reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, P; Malmi, T; Brown, DA
1-Jul-2008Balanced scorecard design and performance impacts: some Australian evidenceBedford, DS; Brown, DA; Malmi, T; Sivabalan, P
Jan-2008Emphasis on accounting controls: asset specificity and the use of accounting and non-accounting information within IT outsourcing engagementsThiagarajah, T; Sivabalan, P; Giacobbe, F; Hartmann, FGH
Jan-2008Organisational characteristics, alternative reasons to budget and two budget formsSivabalan, P; Malmi, T; Booth, PJ; Brown, DA; Hay, D; Moroney, R
Jan-2008Balanced scorecard design and performance impacts: some Australian evidenceBedford, DS; Brown, DA; Malmi, T; Sivabalan, P
Jan-2007Budget participation and budget emphasis in low uncertainty conditions - Considering alternative reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Stewart, J; Hay, D
2007The importance of operational reasons to budget for two budget forms, and their relationship to organisational characteristicsSivabalan, P
Jan-2006Alternative reasons to budget, firm and budgetary characteristics, and firm performanceSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Brown, DA; Faff, R
Jan-2005An exploratory study of Australian operations budget practiceSivabalan, P; Malmi, T; Brown, DA; Matolcsy, ZP; Faff, R