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11-Nov-2015Integrating an E-Learning Information System into The Classroom to Engage IT Undergraduate Students in Non IT Content.Sixsmith, AJ; Gallagher, S
6-Nov-2014Project Management In Practice: Views From The TrenchesSixsmith, AJ; Freeburn, C; Mooney GR; Soliman, KS
28-Feb-2014Integrating An Elearning Information System Into The Classroom To Engage IT Undergraduate Students In Non IT ContentSixsmith, AJ; Gallagher, SL; Nunes, MB; Isaias, P; Powell, P
2014The role of leadership in an effective IT/Business relationshipSixsmith, AJ
Jan-2012Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs in Small Innovative Australian FirmsMooney, GR; Sixsmith, AJ; Soliman, KS
Jan-2012Leadership in projects and its impact on business strategy; An Australian CaseSixsmith, AJ; Dovey, KA; Linger, H; Owen, J
Jan-2010Leading Innovation: Does Size Matter?Mooney, GR; Sixsmith, AJ; Soliman, KS
Jan-2010Vendor Transition and the Impact on In-flight ProjectsBooker, A; Sixsmith, AJ; Rosemann, M; Green, P; Rohde, F
Jan-2010Improving the learning of Graduate Attributes in the Curriculum: a Case-Study in IT ManagementSixsmith, AJ; Litchfield, AJ; Clear, T; Hamer, J
Jan-2009Improving graduate attributes with online teaching resources: A case study in IT managementSixsmith, AJ; Litchfield, AJ; Atkinson, R; McBeath, C
Jan-2008Dimensions of Culture: A Project PerspectiveBeshay, M; Sixsmith, AJ; Soliman, KS
Jan-2007Organisational Culture in Projects: A Case Study AnalysisBeshay, M; Sixsmith, AJ; Toleman, M; Cater-Steel, A; Roberts, D
Jan-2007Improving Class Participation by Asian StudentsNataatmadja, I; Sixsmith, AJ; Dyson, LE; Khosrow-Pour, M
Jan-2006Perception or Status: Indicators of the Importance of IS&TSixsmith, AJ; Soliman, K
Jan-2006Technology acceptance in a small start up: An Australian CaseCuljak, G; Sixsmith, AJ; Soliman, K
Jan-2005Stages of growth theory revisited; senior management on information systems technologySixsmith, AJ; Culjak, G; Soliman, KS
Jan-2005Planning and implementation from perception: the case of a start-up small businessSixsmith, AJ; Wainwright, D
Jan-2004Managing the Customer Relationship with Simple Tools: An Australian SME CaseSixsmith, AJ; Soliman, K
Jan-2004Building Relationships and Showing Value: Marketing IS/IT InternallySixsmith, AJ; Soliman, K