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2019-09-01Modelling Rock Failure with a Novel Continuous to Discontinuous MethodGong, B; Wang, S; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D; Tang, C
2019-08-01The influence of the degree of saturation on compaction-grouted soil nails in sandYe, X; Wang, S; Wang, Q; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D
2019-08Novel remediation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from contaminated groundwater using Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) protein powder.Turner, BD; Sloan, SW; Currell, GR
2018-11-01Stability analysis of unsaturated soil slopes under random rainfall patternsTang, G; Huang, J; Sheng, D; Sloan, SW
2018-10-01Use of photo-based 3D photogrammetry in analysing the results of laboratory pressure grouting testsWang, Q; Ye, X; Wang, S; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D
2018-07-01Pore pressure response to dynamically installed penetrometersSabetamal, H; Carter, JP; Sloan, SW
2018-04-01Discrete modelling jointed rock slopes using mathematical programming methodsMeng, J; Huang, J; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D
2018-04-01Modelling Coastal Cliff Recession Based on the GIM–DDD MethodGong, B; Wang, S; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D; Tang, C
2017-11-23Lagrangian modelling of large deformation induced by progressive failure of sensitive clays with elastoviscoplasticityZhang, X; Sheng, D; Sloan, SW; Bleyer, J
2017-11-01Quasi-static rheology of granular media using the static DEMMeng, J; Huang, J; Sheng, D; Sloan, SW
2017-10-01Numerical and experimental studies of the mechanical behaviour for compaction grouted soil nails in sandy soilYe, X; Wang, S; Wang, Q; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D
2017-08-01A modification of the phase-field model for mixed mode crack propagation in rock-like materialsZhang, X; Sloan, SW; Vignes, C; Sheng, D
2017-06-01Granular contact dynamics with elastic bond modelMeng, J; Huang, J; Sheng, D; Sloan, SW
2017-05-01Numerical evaluation of the phase-field model for brittle fracture with emphasis on the length scaleZhang, X; Vignes, C; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D
2017-01-01Experimental investigation of compaction-grouted soil nailsWang, Q; Ye, X; Wang, S; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D
2016-12-01Analytical solution and numerical simulation of vacuum consolidation by vertical drains beneath circular embankmentsIndraratna, B; Kan, ME; Potts, D; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Sloan, SW
2016-11-30Error behaviour in explicit integration algorithms with automatic substeppingLloret-Cabot, M; Sloan, SW; Sheng, D; Abbo, AJ
2016-08-10A new analytical model for consolidation with multiple vertical drainsLu, M; Sloan, SW; Indraratna, B; Jing, H; Xie, K
2016-08-01Quasi-static collapse of two-dimensional granular columns: insight from continuum modellingZhang, X; Ding, Y; Sheng, D; Sloan, SW; Huang, W
2016-07-01Second-order cone programming formulation for consolidation analysis of saturated porous mediaZhang, X; Sheng, D; Sloan, SW; Krabbenhoft, K