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2022-01-01Collectively creating conditions that nurture: The Bushland as metaphor for the academic ecosystem.Ahuja, S; Gavin, M; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jarvis, W; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Liu, H; Small, J; Walker, C; Weatherall, R; Robinson, S; Bristow, A; Ratle, O
2021-01-01The Representation of Airbnb in Newspapers: A Critical Discourse AnalysisHassanli, N; Small, J; Darcy, S
2020Fear of Flying: A Critical ApproachSmall, J; Cockburn-Wootten, C
2017-12-01Editorial introduction: A critical lens on hospitality and tourism workHarris, C; Small, J; Wilson, E
2017-06-01Gender on the agenda? The position of gender in tourism's high ranking journalsSmall, J; Harris, C; Wilson, E
2017-03-01Women's “beach body” in Australian women's magazinesSmall, J
2016-08-07The experience of time in long-term travelSmall, J
2016-05-01Holiday bodies: Young women and their appearanceSmall, J
2016-01-01Volunteer tourism: Transforming youth for a sustainable futureWearing, SL; Small, J; Grabowski, S
2016-01-01Time as culture: Exploring its influence in volunteer tourismGrabowski, S; Wearing, SL; Small, J
2015-01-01Volunteer Tourism: Return of the TravellerWearing, SL; Grabowski, S; Small, J; Singh, TV
2015-01-01"All Shook Up" at the parkes elvis festival: The role of play in eventsJonson, PT; Small, J; Foley, C; Schlenker, K
2015-01-01Interconnecting mobilities on tour: tourists with vision impairment partnered with sighted touristsSmall, J
2014-01-01Crying babies on planes: Aeromobility and parentingSmall, J; Harris, C
2014-01Changing airline fashion: An improvement in passenger wellbeing?Harris, C; Small, J; Chien, M
2013-04-01TEFI 6, June 28-30, 2012, Milan, Italy: Transformational Leadership for Tourism EducationWilson, E; Small, J
2013-01-01Obesity and hotel staffing: Are hotels guilty of 'lookism'?Harris, C; Small, J
2013-01Babies on planes: Whose rights and responsibilitiesSmall, J; Harris, C; Fountain, J; Moore, K
2012-08-01The embodied tourist experiences of people with vision impairment: Management implications beyond the visual gazeSmall, J; Darcy, S; Packer, T
2012-07Understanding tourism: a critical introductionSmall, J