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2022-09-26Communicating Personal Melanoma Polygenic Risk Information: Participants' Experiences of Genetic Counseling in a Community-Based Study.Smit, AK; Espinoza, D; Fenton, GL; Kirk, J; Innes, JS; McGovern, M; Limb, S; On Behalf Of The Managing Your Risk Study Group,; Turbitt, E; Cust, AE
2022-07-07Precision Public Health Initiatives in Cancer: Proceedings from the Transdisciplinary Conference for Future Leaders in Precision Public Health.Allen, CG; Turbitt, E; Smit, AK; Passero, LE; Olstad, DL; Hatch, A; Landry, L; Roberts, MC
2022Using a Participatory Approach to Develop Research Priorities for Future Leaders in Cancer-Related Precision Public Health.Roberts, MC; Mader, JM; Turbitt, E; Smit, AK; Landry, L; Olstad, DL; Passero, LE; Allen, CG
2021-06-01Advancing precision public health using human genomics: examples from the field and future research opportunitiesRoberts, MC; Fohner, AE; Landry, L; Olstad, DL; Smit, AK; Turbitt, E; Allen, CG
2021Family communication about genomic sequencing: A qualitative study with cancer patients and relatives.Smit, AK; Bartley, N; Best, MC; Napier, CE; Butow, P; Newson, AJ; Tucker, K; Ballinger, ML; Thomas, DM; Jacobs, C; Meiser, B; Goldstein, D; Savard, J; Juraskova, I; PiGeOn authorship group,
2020-02Who should access germline genome sequencing? A mixed methods study of patient views.Best, MC; Butow, P; Jacobs, C; Savard, J; Biesecker, B; Ballinger, ML; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Napier, CE; Smit, AK; Thomas, DM; Newson, AJ; Members of the PiGeOn Project
2018-04Development and Evaluation of a Telephone Communication Protocol for the Delivery of Personalized Melanoma Genomic Risk to the General Population.Fenton, GL; Smit, AK; Freeman, L; Badcock, C; Dunlop, K; Butow, PN; Kirk, J; Cust, AE
2017-02A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of the Feasibility, Acceptability, and Impact of Giving Information on Personalized Genomic Risk of Melanoma to the Public.Smit, AK; Espinoza, D; Newson, AJ; Morton, RL; Fenton, G; Freeman, L; Dunlop, K; Butow, PN; Law, MH; Kimlin, MG; Keogh, LA; Dobbinson, SJ; Kirk, J; Kanetsky, PA; Mann, GJ; Cust, AE