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2023-12Gut microbiota from patients with COVID-19 cause alterations in mice that resemble post-COVID symptoms.Mendes de Almeida, V; Engel, DF; Ricci, MF; Cruz, CS; Lopes, ÍS; Alves, DA; d' Auriol, M; Magalhães, J; Machado, EC; Rocha, VM; Carvalho, TG; Lacerda, LSB; Pimenta, JC; Aganetti, M; Zuccoli, GS; Smith, BJ; Carregari, VC; da Silva Rosa, E; Galvão, I; Dantas Cassali, G; Garcia, CC; Teixeira, MM; André, LC; Ribeiro, FM; Martins, FS; Saia, RS; Costa, VV; Martins-de-Souza, D; Hansbro, PM; Marques, JT; Aguiar, ERGR; Vieira, AT
2022-11-16Joint associations of social health and movement behaviours with mortality and cardiovascular disease: an analysis of 497,544 UK biobank participants.Manera, KE; Stamatakis, E; Huang, B-H; Owen, K; Phongsavan, P; Smith, BJ
2021-06-25Maternal Particulate Matter Exposure Impairs Lung Health and Is Associated with Mitochondrial Damage.Wang, B; Chan, Y-L; Li, G; Ho, KF; Anwer, AG; Smith, BJ; Guo, H; Jalaludin, B; Herbert, C; Thomas, PS; Liao, J; Chapman, DG; Foster, PS; Saad, S; Chen, H; Oliver, BG
2019-01-02Audience Responses to Physical Activity in the Biggest Loser AustraliaSmith, BJ; Bonfiglioli, C
2016-04-28Structural analysis of bioinspired nano materials with synchrotron far IR spectroscopySeoudi, RS; Dowd, A; Smith, BJ; Mechler, A
2015-08Reporting Physical Activity: Perceptions and Practices of Australian Media Professionals.Smith, BJ; Bonfiglioli, CMF
2015-04-14Physical activity in the mass media: An audience perspectiveSmith, BJ; Bonfiglioli, CMF
2011-01Risky exercise - is physical activity losing the news race?Bonfiglioli, C; Smith, BJ; King, L; Chapman, S; Holding, S; Bauman, A
2007-10-15Choice and voice: Obesity debates in television newsBonfiglioli, CMF; Smith, BJ; King, LA; Chapman, SF; Holding, SJ
2007-01Obesity in the media: political hot potato or human interest story?Bonfiglioli, C; King, L; Chapman, S; Smith, BJ; Holding, S