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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Mar-2018The Grot - An exhibition of original artwork from the graphic novelGrant, PM; McCabe, F; Smith, G
1-Sep-2017Energy savings from the skySmith, G; Gentle, A
1-Feb-2017The importance of qualitative social research for effective fisheries managementBarclay, K; Voyer, M; Mazur, N; Payne, AM; Mauli, S; Kinch, J; Fabinyi, M; Smith, G
1-Jun-2016Nanophotonics-enabled smart windows, buildings and wearablesSmith, G; Gentle, A; Arnold, M; Cortie, M
1-Jun-2013Introduction: The International Politics of ResourcesBarclay, K; Smith, G
Jan-2012Making cool roofs compatible with low heating and cooling loadsCastro Aguilar, JL; Smith, G; Gentle, AR; Chen, D; Mendez-Vilas, A; BrownWalker; Raton, B
2012Green nanotechnologySmith, G; Raul J. Martin-Palma, Yi-Jun Jen, Tom G. Mackay
1-May-2011Surface reflectance and conversion efficiency dependence of technologies for mitigating global warmingEdmonds, I; Smith, G
Jan-2011Urban growth, albedo and global warmingSmith, G; Gentle, AR; Edmonds, I; Igor Skryabin
Jan-2011Performance comparisons of sky window spectral selective and high emittance radiant cooling systems under varying atmospheric conditionsGentle, AR; Smith, G; Igor Skryabin
1-May-2008Temperature dependence of optical and transport properties in VO2 with high temperature anomaliesGentle, A; Maaroof, A; Smith, G
Jan-2008Interactive Software for Guitar LearningSmith, G; Johnston, AJ; Wilkie, S; Hood, A
11-Oct-2007Simplified BRDF of a non-Lambertian diffuse surfaceEarp, A; Smith, G; Franklin, J
Jan-2007Combining energy efficiency with aesthetic appeal using advanced optical materialsSmith, G; Choudhury, PK; Singh, ON
2007Metal-Insulator nanocomposites which act optically like homogeneous conductorsGentle, A; Maaroof, A; Smith, G
2007Nanoporous plasmonic coatingsMaaroof, A; Gentle, A; Cortie, M; Smith, G; Smith, GB; Cortie, MB
17-Apr-2006Optical properties and applications to production of plasmonic thin film nanostructures of self-ordered columnar alumina arrays on glassGentle, A; Maaroof, A; Smith, G; Cortie, M
2006Tuning plasma frequency for improved solar control glazing using mesoporous nanostructures - art. no. 61970TGentle, A; Maaroof, A; Cortie, M; Smith, G; Gombert, A
15-Jun-2005Plasmonic heating of gold nanoparticles and its exploitationCortie, M; Xu, X; Chowdhury, H; Zareie, H; Smith, G
Jan-2005The apparent optical indices of spongy nanoporous goldSmith, G; Cortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Colla, M