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2022-11-05Laboratory diagnostics for human Leishmania infections: a polymerase chain reaction-focussed review of detection and identification methods.Gow, I; Smith, NC; Stark, D; Ellis, J
2021-12Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes: old papers informing new research into Toxoplasma gondii.Lodoen, MB; Smith, NC; Soldati-Favre, D; Ferguson, DJP; van Dooren, GG
2021-08-05Substrate-mediated regulation of the arginine transporter of Toxoplasma gondiiRajendran, E; Clark, M; Goulart, C; Steinhöfel, B; Tjhin, ET; Gross, S; Smith, NC; Kirk, K; van Dooren, GG
2021-05Recent achievements and doors opened for coccidian parasite research and development through transcriptomics of enteric sexual stages.Ramakrishnan, C; Smith, NC
2021-04-28Editorial: Get Over the Gut: Apicomplexan Parasite Interaction, Survival and Stage Progression in Vertebrate and Invertebrate Digestive TractsSmith, NC; Sinden, RE; Ramakrishnan, C
2020-12-19Control of human toxoplasmosis.Smith, NC; Goulart, C; Hayward, JA; Kupz, A; Miller, CM; van Dooren, GG
2019-12-01An experimental genetically attenuated live vaccine to prevent transmission of Toxoplasma gondii by catsRamakrishnan, C; Maier, S; Walker, RA; Rehrauer, H; Joekel, DE; Winiger, RR; Basso, WU; Grigg, ME; Hehl, AB; Deplazes, P; Smith, NC
2019-10-09Substrate-mediated regulation of the arginine transporter of Toxoplasma gondiiRajendran, E; Clark, M; Goulart, C; Steinhöfel, B; Tjhin, ET; Smith, NC; Kirk, K; van Dooren, GG
2018-05RNA-Seq analysis during the life cycle of Cryptosporidium parvum reveals significant differential gene expression between proliferating stages in the intestine and infectious sporozoites.Lippuner, C; Ramakrishnan, C; Basso, WU; Schmid, MW; Okoniewski, M; Smith, NC; Hässig, M; Deplazes, P; Hehl, AB
2018-04-24The NLRP3 Inflammasome Suppresses Protective Immunity to Gastrointestinal Helminth InfectionAlhallaf, R; Agha, Z; Miller, CM; Robertson, AAB; Sotillo, J; Croese, J; Cooper, MA; Masters, SL; Kupz, A; Smith, NC; Loukas, A; Giacomin, PR
2018-01-18Establishment of an in vitro chicken epithelial cell line model to investigate Eimeria tenella gamete developmentBussière, FI; Niepceron, A; Sausset, A; Esnault, E; Silvestre, A; Walker, RA; Smith, NC; Quéré, P; Laurent, F
2017-09-01The merozoite-specific protein, TgGRA11B, identified as a component of the Toxoplasma gondii parasitophorous vacuole in a tachyzoite expression modelRamakrishnan, C; Walker, RA; Eichenberger, RM; Hehl, AB; Smith, NC
2017-02-16Cationic amino acid transporters play key roles in the survival and transmission of apicomplexan parasitesRajendran, E; Hapuarachchi, SV; Miller, CM; Fairweather, SJ; Cai, Y; Smith, NC; Cockburn, IA; Broër, S; Kirk, K; Van Dooren, GG
2016-03-02Discovery of a tyrosine-rich sporocyst wall protein in Eimeria tenella.Walker, RA; Niepceron, A; Ramakrishnan, C; Sedano, L; Hehl, AB; Brossier, F; Smith, NC
2015-12-12Asexual expansion of Toxoplasma gondii merozoites is distinct from tachyzoites and entails expression of non-overlapping gene families to attach, invade, and replicate within feline enterocytesHehl, AB; Basso, WU; Lippuner, C; Ramakrishnan, C; Okoniewski, M; Walker, RA; Grigg, ME; Smith, NC; Deplazes, P
2013-01-01Direct and cross elasticities for freight distribution access charges: Empirical evidence by vehicle class, vehicle kilometres and tonne vehicle kilometresHensher, DA; Collins, AT; Rose, JM; Smith, NC
2012-03-22Eimeripain, a cathepsin B-like cysteine protease, expressed throughout sporulation of the apicomplexan parasite Eimeria tenellaRieux, A; Gras, S; Lecaille, F; Niepceron, A; Katrib, M; Smith, NC; Lalmanach, G; Brossier, F
2012-01-01Stage-specific expression of protease genes in the apicomplexan parasite, Eimeria tenella.Katrib, M; Ikin, RJ; Brossier, F; Robinson, M; Slapetova, I; Sharman, PA; Walker, RA; Belli, SI; Tomley, FM; Smith, NC
2011-11-01The role of the P2X<inf>7</inf> receptor in infectious diseasesMiller, CM; Boulter, NR; Fuller, SJ; Zakrzewski, AM; Lees, MP; Saunders, BM; Wiley, JS; Smith, NC
2011-09-01Peroxidase catalysed cross-linking of an intrinsically unstructured protein via dityrosine bonds in the oocyst wall of the apicomplexan parasite, Eimeria maximaMai, K; Smith, NC; Feng, ZP; Katrib, M; Šlapeta, J; Šlapetova, I; Wallach, MG; Luxford, C; Davies, MJ; Zhang, X; Norton, RS; Belli, SI