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1-Dec-2016Home Ownership Rates & Affordability - Global ComparisonsSmith, PV
1-Dec-2016International Measurement Standards: Space, Cost and TechnologySmith, PV; Muse, A
1-Jan-2016Detailed Building Measurement - Volume 2Smith, PV; Best, R; Doherty, J
2016Project cost management with 5D BIMSmith, PV
2016International Construction Measurement Standards - A Global FirstSmith, PV; Singhaputtangkul, N
2016Global Professional Standards for Project Cost ManagementSmith, PV
31-May-2015Professional Standards For Quantity Surveying & Cost Engineering – Global Issues & StrategiesSmith, PV
20-Oct-2014BIM Implementation Strategies - Global ComparisonsSmith, PV
20-Oct-2014The Project Cost Management Profession – In Pursuit of Global Recognition & StandardsSmith, PV
20-Oct-2014BIM Implementation Strategies - Global ComparisonsSmith, PV
10-Oct-2014BIM Implementation – Global StrategiesSmith, PV
22-Sep-2014Global Construction Measurement Standards for Quantity Surveying/Cost EngineeringSmith, PV
21-Jun-2014BIM Implementation – Global Initiatives & Creative approachesSmith, PV; Hajdu, H; Skibniewski, M
20-May-2014The International Cost Engineering Council – Global ObjectivesSmith, PV
Jan-2014Detailed Building Measurement - Volume 1Smith, PV; Best, R; Doherty, J
Jan-2014Project Cost Management - Global Issues & ChallengesSmith, PV; Radujkovic, M; Vukomanovic, M; Wagner, R
Jan-2014BIM & the 5D Project Cost ManagerSmith, PV
Jan-2013Modelling housing affordability measurement through the incorporation of life cycle costsSmith, PV
Jan-2013Lifelong Learning Pathways: Addressing Participation and Diversity in Higher EducationMcLaughlin, P; Mills, A; Davis, P; Saha, S; Smith, PV; Hardie, M
Jan-2013BIM & Project Cost Management - Implementation Issues & Creative SolutionsSmith, PV; Hajdu, M; Skibniewski, MJ