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2020-01-08Developing Intellectual Capital in Professional Service Firms Using High Performance Work Practices as ToolkitRehman, J; Sohaib, O; Hawryszkiewycz, I; Soomro, AM
2020-01-01A PLS-SEM Neural Network Approach for Understanding Cryptocurrency AdoptionSohaib, O; Hussain, W; Asif, M; Ahmad, M; Mazzara, M
2019-12-11Rethinking Intellectual Capital in Professional Service Firms: A Triple Bottom-line Perspective on Value-creationRehman, J; Hawryszkiewycz, I; Sohaib, O; Namisango, F
2019-08-30The Effect of Technology Readiness on Individual Absorptive Capacity for Knowledge TransferDolmark, T; Sohaib, O; Beydoun, G
2019-06-01Cloud computing model selection for e-commerce enterprises using a new 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic decision-making methodSohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Hussain, W; Martinez, L
2019-06-01Integrating design thinking into extreme programmingSohaib, O; Solanki, H; Dhaliwa, N; Hussain, W; Asif, M
2019-05-01Applying systems thinking to flood disaster management for a sustainable developmentRehman, J; Sohaib, O; Asif, M; Pradhan, B
2019-04-01Uncertainty avoidance and consumer cognitive innovativeness in E-commerceSohaib, O; Kang, K; Miliszewska, I
2019-02-14Methodological investigation for enhancing the usability of university websitesManzoor, M; Hussain, W; Sohaib, O; Hussain, FK; Alkhalaf, S
2019-02-01Three dimensional point cloud compression and decompression using polynomials of degree oneImdad, U; Asif, M; Ahmad, MT; Sohaib, O; Hanif, MK; Chaudary, MH
2019-01-08Knowledge Sharing Practices, Intellectual Capital and Organizational PerformanceAttar, MMO; Kang, K-S; Sohaib, O
2019-01-01Cloud Marginal Resource Allocation: A Decision Support ModelHussain, W; Sohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Gao, H
2019-01-01Analysing Cloud QoS Prediction Approaches and Its Control Parameters: Considering Overall Accuracy and Freshness of a DatasetHussain, W; Sohaib, O
2019-01-01Gender-based itrust in e-commerce: The moderating role of cognitive innovativenessSohaib, O; Kang, K; Nurunnabi, M
2019-01-01Application of data science for controlling energy crises: A case study of PakistanUllah, S; Asif, M; Ahmad, S; Imdad, U; Sohaib, O
2019-01-01Factors impacting technology business incubator performanceBinsawad, M; Sohaib, O; Hawryszkiewycz, I
2019Knowledge Sharing Practices, Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance.Attar, M; Kang, K; Sohaib, O; Bui, T
2018-10-12SaaS e-commerce platforms web accessibility evaluationSohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Hussain, W
2018-08-22The impact of Knowledge Creation on Organizational Resilience towards Organizational PerformanceAlharthy, AA; Sohaib, O; Hawryszkiewycz, IT
2018-02-05Internet of Things (IoT) in E-commerce: For people with disabilitiesSohaib, O; Lu, H; Hussain, W