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2022-02-01Modeling of thermal performance of a commercial alkaline electrolyzer supplied with various electrical currentsAdibi, T; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC
2021-01-01Transient free convection and heat transfer in a partitioned attic-shaped space under diurnal thermal forcingSaha, SC; Sefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Molla, MM
2020-01-01Unsteady natural convection within an attic-shaped space subject to sinusoidal heat flux on inclined wallsSaha, SC; Sefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A
2018-01-01Solid-liquid phase change investigation through a double pipe heat exchanger dealing with time-dependent boundary conditionsTaghilou, M; Sefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC
2017-07-01Nanofluid-based cooling of cylindrical lithium-ion battery packs employing forced air flowSefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC
2017-01-01Multi-layer PCM solidification in a finned triplex tube considering natural convectionSefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC; Cholette, M
2016-09-15Natural convection subject to sinusoidal thermal forcing on inclined walls and heat source located on bottom wall of an attic-shaped spaceSojoudi, A; Saha, SC; Sefidan, AM; Gu, YT
2016-08-01Effect of rotating cylinder on heat transfer in a differentially heated rectangular enclosure filled with power law non-Newtonian fluidSojoudi, A; Khezerloo, M; Saha, SC; Gu, Y
2016-02-01Transient air flow and heat transfer due to differential heating on inclined walls and heat source placed on the bottom wall in a partitioned attic shaped spaceSojoudi, A; Saha, SC; Xu, F; Gu, YT