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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Remaking Practices in the Redesign of a Primary Healthcare ProgramRule, J; Dunston, R; Solomon, N
2016-09-12Learning and change in the redesign of a primary health care initiativeRule, J; Dunston, R; Solomon, N
2014Building local leadership for research educationBoud, D; Brew, A; Dowling, R; Kiley, M; Malfroy, J; McKenzie, JA; Solomon, N; Ryland, K
2013-01-01Rhetoric and educational discourse: Persuasive textsEdwards, R; Nicoll, K; Solomon, N; Usher, R
2013-01Integrating work in new models of primary health careHanley, E; Robertson, TJ; Solomon, N; Korn, M; Colombino, T; Lewkowicz, M
2012-02-27Learning in-between, across and beyond workplace boundariesJohnsson, MC; Boud, D; Solomon, N
2012-01-01Learning Organizational Practices That Persist, Perpetuate and Change: A Schatzkian ViewPrice, OM; Johnsson, MC; Scheeres, H; Boud, D; Solomon, N
2011-01-01Researching workplace learning in AustraliaSolomon, N; Boud, D
2010-02-19When is it OK to learn at work? The learning work of organisational practicesScheeres, H; Solomon, N; Boud, D; Rooney, D
2009-06-01Accumulating knowledge in researching technologyenhanced learning: Going with the flowsPatel, U; Solomon, N; Solkin, L
2009-05-01Talking up learning at work: Cautionary tales in co-opting everyday learningBoud, D; Rooney, D; Solomon, N
2008-01-17Academic work and adult education: A site of multiple subjectsSolomon, N
2008-01The In-between: Exposing Everyday LearningSolomon, N; Boud, DJ; Rooney, DL; Hall; Murphy; Soler
2007-06-06Reality bites: Bringing the 'real' world of work into educational classroomsSolomon, N
2007-01Working on IdentitiesChappell, CS; Scheeres, HB; Solomon, N; FARRELL, L; FENWICK, T
2006-03-01Consuming metaphors: Stimulating questions for everyday learningRooney, D; Solomon, N
2006-02-01The in-between: Exposing everyday learning at workSolomon, N; Boud, D; Rooney, D
2006-01Work-based learning, graduate attributes and lifelong learningBoud, DJ; Solomon, N; Hager, P; Holland, S
2006-01The moving subject: Shifting work(ers) across and beyond organisational boundariesScheeres, HB; Solomon, N; Billett, S; Fenwick, T; Somerville, M
2005-01-01Identity work and pedagogy: Textually producing the learner-workerSolomon, N