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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Egocentric Early Action Prediction via Multimodal Transformer-based Dual Action PredictionGuan, W; Song, X; Wang, K; Wen, H; Ni, H; Wang, Y; Chang, X
2022-12-05Robust cross-network node classification via constrained graph mutual informationYang, S; Cai, B; Cai, T; Song, X; Jiang, J; Li, B; Li, J
2022-12A survey on deep learning based knowledge tracingSong, X; Li, J; Cai, T; Yang, S; Yang, T; Liu, C
2022-10-10Bi-directional Heterogeneous Graph Hashing towards Efficient Outfit RecommendationGuan, W; Song, X; Zhang, H; Liu, M; Yeh, C-H; Chang, X
2022-07-06Personalized Fashion Compatibility Modeling via Metapath-guided Heterogeneous Graph LearningGuan, W; Jiao, F; Song, X; Wen, H; Yeh, CH; Chang, X
2022-05-23SE-Loc: Security-Enhanced Indoor Localization with Semi-Supervised Deep LearningYe, Q; Fan, X; Bie, H; Puthal, D; Wu, T; Song, X; Fang, G
2022-01-01A Multi-View Multi-Task Learning Framework for Multi-Variate Time Series ForecastingDeng, J; Chen, X; Jiang, R; Song, X; Tsang, IW
2022Challenges and future directions of secure federated learning: a survey.Zhang, K; Song, X; Zhang, C; Yu, S
2022Partially Supervised Compatibility Modeling.Guan, W; Wen, H; Song, X; Wang, C; Yeh, C-H; Chang, X; Nie, L
2022Graph Learning for Fashion Compatibility ModelingGuan, W; Song, X; Chang, X; Nie, L
2021-10-26DL-Traff: Survey and Benchmark of Deep Learning Models for Urban Traffic PredictionJiang, R; Yin, D; Wang, Z; Wang, Y; Deng, J; Liu, H; Cai, Z; Deng, J; Song, X; Shibasaki, R
2021-10-17Multimodal Compatibility Modeling via Exploring the Consistent and Complementary CorrelationsGuan, W; Wen, H; Song, X; Yeh, CH; Chang, X; Nie, L
2021-09Cooperation Learning From Multiple Social Networks: Consistent and Complementary Perspectives.Guan, W; Song, X; Gan, T; Lin, J; Chang, X; Nie, L
2021-08-14ST-Norm: Spatial and Temporal Normalization for Multi-variate Time Series ForecastingDeng, J; Chen, X; Jiang, R; Song, X; Tsang, IW
2021-05-19The Pulse of Urban Transport: Exploring the Co-evolving Pattern for Spatio-temporal ForecastingDeng, J; Chen, X; Fan, Z; Jiang, R; Song, X; Tsang, IW
2021-03-01Nanosurfacing Ti alloy by weak alkalinity-activated solid-state dewetting (AAD) and its biointerfacial enhancement effectSong, X; Liu, F; Qiu, C; Coy, E; Liu, H; Aperador, W; Załȩski, K; Li, JJ; Song, W; Lu, Z; Pan, H; Kong, L; Wang, G
2021-01-01Complicating the Social Networks for Better Storytelling: An Empirical Study of Chinese Historical Text and NovelZhang, C; Zhang, Q; Yu, S; Yu, JJQ; Song, X
2021-01-01Representation Learning for Short Text ClusteringYin, H; Song, X; Yang, S; Huang, G; Li, J
2021-01-01TSTNet: A Sequence to Sequence Transformer Network for Spatial-Temporal Traffic PredictionSong, X; Wu, Y; Zhang, C
2021Deep fusion of multimodal features for social media retweet time predictionYin, H; Yang, S; Song, X; Liu, W; Li, J