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2023-09-09Interpretability of simple RNN and GRU deep learning models used to map land susceptibility to gully erosion.Gholami, H; Mohammadifar, A; Golzari, S; Song, Y; Pradhan, B
2023-08-01Toward Consistent and Efficient Map-Based Visual-Inertial Localization: Theory Framework and Filter DesignZhang, Z; Song, Y; Huang, S; Xiong, R; Wang, Y
2023-02-20Semiconducting mineral induced photochemical conversion of PAHs in aquatic environment: Mechanism study and fate prediction.Cai, Z; Yang, F; Song, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, W; Wang, Q; Sun, X
2023-01-01Concrete Sewer Systems and Wastewater Processes Related to Concrete CorrosionJiang, G; Li, X; Song, Y
2023-01-01Controlling Environmental Factors of Microbiologically Influenced Concrete Corrosion in SewersJiang, G; Sun, X; Li, X; Song, Y; Keller, J
2023-01-01A Systematic Laboratory Testing of Concrete Corrosion Resistance in SewersJiang, G; Sun, X; Keller, J; Li, X; Song, Y; Schmid, M; Walenta, G
2023-01Ceftriaxone sodium degradation by carbon quantum dots (CQDs)-decorated C-doped α-Bi2O3 nanorods.Sun, X; Pan, Y; Song, Y; Liu, W; Nghiem, LD; Wang, Q; Cai, Z
2022-12-15Time-dependent performance of large-scale dome structures subjected to earthquakes using a machine learning-based evaluation methodZhang, H; Zhang, Y; Zhu, X; Wang, H; Song, Y
2022-09-30Deep feature pyramid network for EEG emotion recognitionHou, F; Gao, Q; Song, Y; Wang, Z; Bai, Z; Yang, Y; Tian, Z
2022-07-28Learn-to-adapt: Concept drift adaptation for hybrid multiple streamsYu, E; Song, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2022-07-20The Transcription Factors TaTDRL and TaMYB103 Synergistically Activate the Expression of TAA1a in Wheat, Which Positively Regulates the Development of Microspore in Arabidopsis.Wu, B; Xia, Y; Zhang, G; Wang, J; Ma, S; Song, Y; Yang, Z; Dennis, ES; Niu, N
2022-06-28Elastic gradient boosting decision tree with adaptive iterations for concept drift adaptationWang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Song, Y; Xiong, L; Zhang, G
2022-04-09A Segment-Based Drift Adaptation Method for Data Streams.Song, Y; Lu, J; Liu, A; Lu, H; Zhang, G
2022-04-01A Right Invariant Extended Kalman Filter for Object Based SLAMSong, Y; Zhang, Z; Wu, J; Wang, Y; Zhao, L; Huang, S
2022-01-21A Novel Metric to Quantify the Real-Time Robustness of Complex Networks With Respect to Epidemic ModelsSong, B; Jiang, GP; Song, Y; Yang, J; Wang, X; Guo, YJ
2022-01-07Multiplexed structured illumination super-resolution imaging with lifetime-engineered upconversion nanoparticlesLiu, B; Liao, J; Song, Y; Chen, C; Ding, L; Lu, J; Zhou, J; Wang, F
2022-01-01Concept Drift Detection Delay IndexLiu, A; Lu, J; Song, Y; Xuan, J; Zhang, G
2022-01-01Learning Data Streams With Changing Distributions and Temporal Dependency.Song, Y; Lu, J; Lu, H; Zhang, G
2022-01Perturbation of clopyralid on bio-denitrification and nitrite accumulation: Long-term performance and biological mechanism.Sun, S; Hou, Y-N; Wei, W; Sharif, HMA; Huang, C; Ni, B-J; Li, H; Song, Y; Lu, C; Han, Y; Guo, J
2021-11-01Tropical macrophytes promote phytoplankton community shifts in lake mesocosms: relevance for lake restoration in warm climatesSim, DZH; Mowe, MAD; Song, Y; Lu, J; Tan, HTW; Mitrovic, SM; Roelke, DL; Yeo, DCJ