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2022-10-30Dietitians' Experiences of Providing Oral Health Promotion to Clients with an Eating Disorder: A Qualitative Study.Patterson-Norrie, T; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; George, A
2022-10-25Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of People Living with Diabetes in South Asia: A Scoping Review.Poudel, P; Rawal, LB; Kong, A; Yadav, UN; Sousa, MS; Karmacharya, B; Pradhan, S; George, A
2022-01-01Appetite-Related Distress Is Burdensome in the Last Sixty Days of Life of People Receiving Palliative Care: A National Longitudinal Consecutive Cohort Study.Sousa, MS; Davis, W; Blanchard, M; Razmovski-Naumovski, V; Agar, M; Daveson, B; Hsm, D; Currow, DC
2021-09-11Aboriginal Health Workers Promoting Oral Health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women during Pregnancy: Development and Pilot Testing of the Grinnin' Up Mums & Bubs Program.Kong, A; Dickson, M; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Jones, N; Srinivas, R; Chao, J; Goulding, J; George, A
2021-09Quality of Life and Symptom Burden Improve in Patients Attending a Multidisciplinary Clinical Service for Cancer Cachexia: A Retrospective Observational Review.Bland, KA; Harrison, M; Zopf, EM; Sousa, MS; Currow, DC; Ely, M; Agar, M; Butcher, BE; Vaughan, V; Dowd, A; Martin, P
2021-07-29A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences and Perspectives of Australian Aboriginal Women on Oral Health during PregnancyKong, A; Dickson, M; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Goulding, J; Chao, J; George, A
2020-10-23"Got to build that trust": the perspectives and experiences of Aboriginal health staff on maternal oral health.Kong, AC; Sousa, MS; Ramjan, L; Dickson, M; Goulding, J; Gwynne, K; Talbot, F; Jones, N; Srinivas, R; George, A
2020-10A systematic review of the impact of contemporary treatment modalities for cervical cancer on women's self-reported health-related quality of life.Wiltink, LM; King, M; Müller, F; Sousa, MS; Tang, M; Pendlebury, A; Pittman, J; Roberts, N; Mileshkin, L; Mercieca-Bebber, R; Tait, M-A; Campbell, R; Rutherford, C
2020-01-06“Got to build that trust”: Aboriginal Health Workers’ perspectives and experiences of maternal oral healthKong, AC; Sousa, MS; Ramjan, L; Dickson, M; Goulding, J; Gwynne, K; Talbot, F; Jones, N; Srini, R; George, A
2020-01Eating disorders and oral health: a scoping review on the role of dietitians.Patterson-Norrie, T; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Sank, L; George, A
2019-12-01Nursing assessment and management of incontinence among medical and surgical adult patients in a tertiary hospital: A best practice implementation projectTrad, W; Flowers, K; Caldwell, J; Sousa, MS; Vigh, G; Lizarondo, L; Gaudin, J; Hooper, D; Parker, D
2019-09-06The oral health of Indigenous pregnant women: A mixed-methods systematic review.Kong, AC; Ramjan, L; Sousa, MS; Gwynne, K; Goulding, J; Jones, N; Srinivas, R; Rambaldini, B; Moir, R; George, A
2019-09Process evaluation of the midwifery initiated oral health-dental service program: Perceptions of dental professionals.Ajwani, S; Sousa, MS; Villarosa, AC; Bhole, S; Johnson, M; Dahlen, HG; Hoolsema, J; Blinkhorn, A; Srinivas, R; Yaacoub, A; Milat, A; Skinner, J; George, A
2019-08-02Effectiveness of preventive dental programs offered to mothers by non-dental professionals to control early childhood dental caries: a review.George, A; Sousa, MS; Kong, AC; Blinkhorn, A; Patterson Norrie, T; Foster, J; Dahlen, HG; Ajwani, S; Johnson, M
2018-12-17Improving women's knowledge about prenatal screening in the era of non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome - development and acceptability of a low literacy decision aid.Smith, SK; Cai, A; Wong, M; Sousa, MS; Peate, M; Welsh, A; Meiser, B; Kaur, R; Halliday, J; Lewis, S; Trevena, L; Yanes, T; Barlow-Stewart, K; Barclay, M
2017-04A clinical guide to the management of genitourinary symptoms in breast cancer survivors on endocrine therapy.Sousa, MS; Peate, M; Jarvis, S; Hickey, M; Friedlander, M
2016-08Socioeconomic Differences in Informed Decisions About Down Syndrome Screening: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda.Smith, SK; Sousa, MS; Essink-Bot, M-L; Halliday, J; Peate, M; Fransen, M