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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-01Quality Assurance of Shotcrete on a Railway Line ProjectSri Ravindrarajah, R
2015-09-25PROPERTIES OF METAKAOLIN CONCRETE – A REVIEWKhamchin Moghaddam, F; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Sirivivatnanon, V
2014-12-09Effect of supplementary cementitious materials on the properties of pervious concrete with fixed porositySri Ravindrarajah, R; Kassis, SJ
2014-03-01Non-Delayed Heat Application Effects on The Strength of Concrete For Railway SleepersSri Ravindrarajah, R; White, SR
2013-01Acids attack on silica fume high-strength concreteSri Ravindrarajah, R; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
2013-01High-strength self-compacting concrete for sustainable constructionSri Ravindrarajah, R; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
2012-07-13Properties of pervious concrete containing fly ashAoki, Y; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Khabbaz, H
2011-01Performance of pervious recycled aggregate concrete with reduced cement contentSri Ravindrarajah, R; Neo, HW; Lai, JE; Dissanayake, PR; Jayasinghe, PMTR; Mendis, PPA; Fernando, ES
2011-01Effectiveness of FRP confinement on bearing strength of steel fibre reinforced concreteSri Ravindrarajah, R; Suarez, C; Motavalli, M; Havranek, B; Saqan, E
2010-01Shrinkage modelling for recycled aggregate concretesCabral, E; Schalch, V; Molin, D; Ribeiro, J; Sri Ravindrarajah, R
2010-01Specifying 100-year design life infrastructure projects - the pitfallsSri Ravindrarajah, R; Sabaa, B; Castro-Borges, P; Moreno, EI; Sakai, K; Gjorv, OE; Banthia, N
2009-01Effect Of Fly Ash Performance Of Pervious ConcreteAoki, Y; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Khabbaz, H; Pierrette Veillette
2009-01Properties of adjusted density high-performance concreteSri Ravindrarajah, R; Lyte, MC; Arivanthan; Karunasena; Wang
2009-01Pitchstone Fines - A New Naturally Occuring Pozzolan from North QueenslandVessalas, K; Ray, AS; Thomas, P; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Joyce, PA; Haggman, J
2008-12-04Pitchstone fines pozzolanic activity assessment as partial Portland cement (PC) replacementsVessalas, K; Ray, AS; Thomas, PS; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Joyce, P; Haggman, J
2008-12-01Environmentally friendly sustainable pervious concreteAoki, Y; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Khabbaz, H
2008-01Non-destructive damage detection in reinforced concrete beams based on modal strain energyWang, Y; Samali, B; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Gad, E; Wong, B
2008-01A New Damage Detection Method for Reinforced Concrete Beams Based on Modal Strain EnergyWang, Y; Li, J; Samali, B; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; TBA
2006-01Deformational Behaviour Of FRP Confined Concrete Under Sustained CompressionKaul, R; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Smith, ST; Mirmiran, A; Nanni, A
2005-01Effects of binder materials on the properties of polystyrene aggregate concreteSri Ravindrarajah, R; Difalco, V; Surian, S; Helene, P; Figueired, EP; Holland, T