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2023-01-09Prevalence and Characteristics of Australians Complementary Medicine Product Use, and Concurrent Use with Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications-A Cross Sectional Study.Harnett, J; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Addison, T; Bannerman, H; Egelton, L; Ma, J; Zabakly, L; Steel, A
2022-12Prevalence and predictors of naturopathic practitioners' self-reported practice behaviours: results of an international survey.Steel, A; Lloyd, I; Foley, H; Leach, M
2022-10-22Multifaceted role of synbiotics as nutraceuticals, therapeutics and carrier for drug delivery.Khursheed, R; Gulati, M; Wadhwa, S; Vishwas, S; Sharma, DS; Corrie, L; Alam, A; Alnasser, SM; Aba Alkhayl, FF; Parveen, Z; Nammi, S; Chellappan, DK; Gupta, G; Zacconi, F; Steel, A; Adams, J; Jha, NK; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2022-07-26Naturopathic patient care during different life stages: an international observational study of naturopathic practitioners and their patients.Steel, A
2022-07-25International prevalence of consultation with a naturopathic practitioner: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Steel, A; Redmond, R; Schloss, J; Cramer, H; Goldenberg, J; Leach, MJ; Harnett, JE; Van de Venter, C; McLintock, A; Bradley, R; Hawrelak, J; Cooley, K; Leung, B; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2022-07Relationships between Women's and Men's Modifiable Preconception Risks and Health Behaviors and Maternal and Offspring Health Outcomes: An Umbrella Review.Caut, C; Schoenaker, D; McIntyre, E; Vilcins, D; Gavine, A; Steel, A
2022-07Setting Preconception Care Priorities in Australia Using a Delphi Technique.Boyle, JA; Black, K; Dorney, E; Amor, DJ; Brown, L; Callander, E; Camilleri, R; Cheney, K; Gordon, A; Hammarberg, K; Jeyapalan, D; Leahy, D; Millard, J; Mills, C; Musgrave, L; Norman, RJ; O'Brien, C; Roach, V; Skouteris, H; Steel, A; Walker, S; Walker, R
2022-07To "tell or not to tell"-Exploring disclosure about medicine use by people living with sleep disorders.Malhotra, V; Harnett, J; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Wong, K; Saini, B
2022-06-29Women Taking a Folic Acid Supplement in Countries with Mandatory Food Fortification Programs May Be Exceeding the Upper Tolerable Limit of Folic Acid: A Systematic Review.Ledowsky, C; Mahimbo, A; Scarf, V; Steel, A
2022-06-15The converging paradigms of holism and complexity: An exploration of naturopathic clinical case management using complexity science principles.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2022-04-15Primary health care case management through the lens of complexity: an exploratory study of naturopathic practice using complexity science principles.Graham, KD; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2022-03-01Learning technologies and health technologies in complementary medicine clinical work and education: Examination of the perspectives of academics and students in Australia and the United StatesGray, AC; Steel, A; Adams, J
2022-02-23Corrigendum to A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial found that a novel herbal formula UROX® BEDTIME BUDDY assisted children for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis. Phytomedicine (2021) 153783, J; Ryan, K; Steel, A
2022-02Naturopathy utilisation by Australian women with diagnosed endometriosis: A cross-sectional survey.Redmond, R; Steel, A; Wardle, J; Adams, J
2022-01-15Health-related quality of life among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: the role of socio-demographic, health-related and psycho-social factors.James, PB; Wardle, J; Gyasi, RM; Steel, A; Adams, J; Kabba, JA; Bah, AJ; Lahai, M; Conteh, EB
2022-01-01Health-seeking behaviour, views and preferences of adults with suspected increased intestinal permeability: A cross-sectional survey of Australian adultsLeech, B; McIntyre, E; Steel, A; Sibbritt, D
2022-01-01Naturopathic practitioners' approach to caring for people with cardiovascular disease risk factors: A cross-cultural cross-sectional study reporting the providers perspective.Harnett, JE; Rickwood, C; Steel, A; Bradley, R
2022Classifying knowledge used in complementary medicine consultations: A qualitative systematic reviewDavies, K; Heinsch, M; Tickner, C; Brosnan, C; Steel, A; Patel, G; Marsh, M
2022Relationships between women’s and men’s modifiable preconception risks and health behaviours and maternal and offspring health outcomes: an umbrella review.Steel, A
2021-12-14Experiences, perceptions and expectations of health services amongst marginalized populations in urban Australia: A meta-ethnographic review of the literature.Baker, K; Adams, J; Steel, A