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1-Jan-2018Troubling Law’s Indefinite Detention: Disability, the Carceral Body and Institutional InjusticeSteele, LR
2018Sterilisation, Disability and Wellbeing: The Curative Imaginary of the “Welfare Jurisdiction”Steele, LR; Spivakovsky, C; Seear, K; Carter, A
2018Policing Normalcy: Sexual Violence Against Women Offenders with DisabilitySteele, LR; Goggin, G; Steele, L; Cadwallader, JR
2018Institutional Violence Against People with Disability: Recent Legal and Political DevelopmentsCadwallader, JR; Spivakovsky, C; Steele, LR; Wadiwel, D
Dec-2017Introduction to Disability, Rights and Law Reform in Australia: Pushing Beyond Legal FuturesSteele, LR; Beaupert, F; Gooding, P
1-Jan-2016Review: Looking for Ashley: Re-reading What the Smith Case Reveals about the Governance of Girls, Mothers and Families in CanadaSteele, LR
1-Jan-2016Who is Diverted?: Moving Beyond Diagnosed Impairment Towards a Social and Political Analysis of DiversionSteele, LR; Dowse, L; Trofimovs, J
1-Jan-2016Diversion of Individuals with Disability from the Criminal Justice System: Control Inside or Outside Criminal Law?Steele, LR; Reed, A; Ashford, C; Wake, N
2016Court-Authorised Sterilisation and Human Rights: Inequality, Discrimination and Violence Against Women and Girls with Disability?Steele, LR
1-Jan-2014Towards Growth and Sustainability: the Institutional and Disciplinary Dynamics of Postgraduate Law Research NetworksBell, F; Shackel, R; Steele, LR
1-Jan-2013'The books don't talk to me!': Postgraduate student groups and research student identity formationSteele, LR; Bell, F; Shackel, R; Frielick, S; Buissink-Smith, N; Wyse, P; Billot, J; Hallas, J; Whitehead, E