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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011A Semantic Integration Solution for Online Accommodation Information IntegrationYang, K; Steele, RJ; NA
Jan-2009Elderly Persons' Perception And Acceptance Of Using Wireless Sensor Networks To Assist HealthcareSteele, RJ; Lo, AC; Secombe, C; Wong, Y
Jan-2008A system for service-oriented data aggregationYang, K; Steele, RJ
Jan-2008Application of Software Mining to Automatic User Interface GenerationKennard, R; Steele, RJ; Fujita, H; Zualkernan, I
Jan-2007An Ontology Mediated Web Service Aggregation HubYang, K; Steele, RJ; Lin, TYEA
Jan-2007Enhancing Mobile Business Through a Task-Oriented Model for Mobile Remote AccessKhankan, K; Steele, RJ; Detlor, B
Jan-2007Fuzzy Decision Support for Service Selection in E-Business EnvironmentsSchmidt, S; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Steele, RJ; Bonissone, P
Jan-2007DEco Arch: Trust and Reputation Aware Service Brokering in Digital EcosystemsSchmidt, S; Steele, RJ; Dillon, TS; Dillon, T
Jan-2007Fuzzy Service Selection and Interaction Review in Distributed Electronic MarketsSchmidt, S; Steele, RJ; Dillon, TS; Lambrinoudakis, C; Pernul, G; Tjoa, AM
Jan-2007MobiPass: a passport for mobile businessSteele, RJ; Tao, W
Jan-2007Fuzzy Trust Evaluation and Credibility Development in Multi-Agent SystemsSchmidt, S; Steele, RJ; Dillon, TS; Chang, E
Jan-2007XML Repository Searcher-Browser Supporting Fine-Grained Access ControlSteele, RJ; Gardner, W; Dillon, TS
Jan-2007An Ontology-based Multi-Agent System for the Accommodation IndustryYang, K; Lo, AC; Steele, RJ; Richardson, J
Jan-2007Trust and Reputation Ontologies for Electronic BusinessSchmidt, S; Dillon, TS; Steele, RJ; Chang, E; Carduso, J
Jan-2007An Ontology for XML Schema to Ontology Mapping RepresentationYang, K; Steele, RJ; Lo, AC; Kotsis, G; Taniar, D; Pardede, E; Ibrahim, IK
Jan-2007Using Wireless Sensor Networks for Aged Care: The Patient's PerspectiveSteele, RJ; Secombe, C; Brookes, WC; IEEE
Jan-2007Framework and Prototype for a Secure XML-based Electronic Health Records SystemSteele, RJ; Gardner, W; Chandra, D; Dillon, TS
Jan-2006Service Oriented Design Methodologies for Mobile ApplicationsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Steele, RJ; Ceballos, S
Jan-2006An enhanced architecture for mobile retailingSteele, RJ; Tao, W; Ping, S; Srisa-an, C
Jan-2006Trusted mobile interaction via extended digital CertificatesTao, W; Steele, RJ; Dai, Y; Hinchey, M; Pan, Y