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2023-03-01Co-option or Recognition? Second-wave Feminist Politics and the Frigidaire Australia Women’s Design Conference, 1980 (accepted, in press)Stein, JA
2023-01-01Unresolved tensions in green transitions: retraining and the question of ‘how'?Stein, JA
2022-05-06Politicians in high-vis say they love manufacturing. But if we want more Australian-made jobs, here’s what we needStein, JA
2022-04-28‘Advanced manufacturing’ should be about people, skills and the environment, not fancy new techStein, JA
2022-03-01Craft: An American History - Glenn Adamson (Book review)Stein, JA
2022-01-05Industrial Craft in Australia: Oral Histories of Creativity & SurvivalStein, JA
2022-01-01The Historian as Document Producer: A Critical Reflection on the Production of Oral History Timed SummariesStein, JA; Biber, K; Vaughan, PD; Luker, T
2021-07-21A dying trade that is still in demand?Stein, JA
2021-07-21A dying trade that is still in demand?Stein, JA
2021-07-19Invited presentation at Public Hearing Day 1 - Right to Repair Inquiry, Productivity Commission,Stein, JA
2021-02-01Public Submission to the Productivity Commission's Right to Repair InquiryStein, JA; Crosby, A
2021-01-01When Manufacturing Workers Make Sculpture: Creative Pathways in the Context of Australian DeindustrialisationStein, JA
2020-12-31The Trade Educators’ Syndicate: Making 10 Retirement Lathes in the Twilight of Australian ManufacturingStein, JA; Cohtala, C; Boeva, Y; Troxler, P
2020-02-20In the post-Holden era, we can be a nation of clever designersStein, JA
2019-10-01Speaking from the Inside: Challenging the Myths of Architectural History through the Oral Histories of Maitland GaolStein, JA; Rowden, E; Gosseye, J; Stead, N; van der Plaat, D
2019-09-25Hidden between Craft and Industry: Engineering Patternmakers' Design KnowledgeStein, JA
2019-01-01The Production of Toolboxes and Hand Tools in Industrial Craft ApprenticeshipStein, JA
2018-12-06Don’t be too quick to dismiss ‘dying trades’, those skills are still in demandStein, JA
2018-12-05Conversations in the Shadows of Australian ManufacturingStein, JA
2018-12-05"Invisible Hands", History Lab Season 2 Podcast. (Producer: Olivia Rosenman, Contributing Historian: Jesse Adams Stein, Host: Tamson Pietsch, Executive Producer: Tom Allinson)Rosenman, O; Stein, JA