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2022-06-19Tackling change in mental health service delivery: A qualitative evaluation of a lifestyle program targeting mental health staff - Keeping our Staff in Mind (KoSiM).Watkins, A; Stein-Parbury, J; Curtis, J; Poole, J; Teasdale, S; Fibbins, H; Rossimel, E; Lederman, O; Ward, PB; Rosenbaum, S; Denney-Wilson, E
2021-10Exploring recovery-focused educational programmes for advancing mental health nursing: An integrative systematic literature review.Hawsawi, T; Stein-Parbury, J; Orr, F; Roche, M; Gill, K
2021-05-08What about value for money? A cost benefit analysis of the South Eastern Sydney Recovery and Wellbeing College.Cronin, P; Stein-Parbury, J; Sommer, J; Gill, KH
2021-01-01Redefining restrictive practices: evidence for policy change in child and adolescent mental health careSealey, L; Roche, M; Stein-Parbury, J; Cruickshank, M
2021-01-01The impact of definitional uncertainty; how child and adolescent mental health data can direct changes in restrictive practice policySealey, L; Cruickshank, M; Roche, M; Stein-Parbury, J; Sheppard-Law, S
2020-10Upskilling Mental Health Nurses to Address the Burden of Poor Metabolic Health: A Mixed Method Evaluation.Watkins, A; Stein-Parbury, J; Denney-Wilson, E; Ward, PB; Rosenbaum, S
2020Keeping the body in mind: A qualitative analysis of the experiences of people experiencing first-episode psychosis participating in a lifestyle intervention programme.Watkins, A; Denney-Wilson, E; Curtis, J; Teasdale, S; Rosenbaum, S; Ward, PB; Stein-Parbury, J
2019-12-01The role of recovery colleges in supporting personal goal achievementSommer, J; Gill, KH; Stein-Parbury, J; Cronin, P; Katsifis, V
2019-10-01Restrictive practices in child and adolescent mental health care: A cause for concernSealey, L; Sheppard-Law, S; Cruickshank, M; Stein-Parbury, J
2019-08-01Dynamics of nurses’ authority in the inpatient care of adolescent consumers with anorexia nervosa: A qualitative study of nursing perspectivesZugai, JS; Stein-Parbury, J; Roche, M
2019-06-03Consumer participation in drug treatment: a systematic reviewGoodhew, M; Stein-Parbury, J; Dawson, A
2019-04-01Working with consumers who hear voices: The experience of early career nurses in mental health services in AustraliaWhite, MR; Stein-Parbury, J; Orr, F; Dawson, A
2019-02-01Effects of person-centered care at the organisational-level for people with dementia. A systematic reviewChenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; Lapkin, S; Wang, A; Liu, Z; Williams, A
2018-02-01Therapeutic alliance, anorexia nervosa and the inpatient setting: A mixed methods studyZugai, JS; Stein-Parbury, J; Roche, M
2018-01-01The nature of the therapeutic alliance between nurses and consumers with Anorexia Nervosa in the inpatient setting: A mixed-methods studyZugai, JS; Stein-Parbury, J; Roche, M
2018-01-01Walking side-by-side: Recovery Colleges revolutionising mental health careSommer, J; Gill, K; Stein-Parbury, J
2017-12-11The Validity and reliability characteristics of the M-BacK Questionnaire to assess the Barriers, attitudes, confidence, and Knowledge of Mental health staff regarding Metabolic health of Mental health service UsersWatkins, A; Rosenbaum, S; Ward, PB; Patching, J; Denney-Wilson, E; Stein-Parbury, J
2017-11-01Culture shapes nursing practice: Findings from a New Zealand studyCrawford, R; Stein-Parbury, J; Dignam, D
2016-05-04Coaching in self-efficacy improves care responses, health and well-being in dementia carers: a pre/post-test/follow-up studyChenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; White, D; McNeill, G; Jeon, YH; Zaratan, B
2015-12-01Expectations and experiences of older people and their carers in relation to emergency department arrival and care: A qualitative study in AustraliaStein-Parbury, J; Gallagher, R; Fry, M; Chenoweth, L; Gallagher, P