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2021-10-22An organotypic model of high-grade serous ovarian cancer to test the anti-metastatic potential of ROR2 targeted Polyion complex nanoparticles.Joshi, N; Liu, D; Dickson, K-A; Marsh, DJ; Ford, CE; Stenzel, MH
2021-08-09Polymer-Functionalized Upconversion Nanoparticles for Light/Imaging-Guided Drug Delivery.Zhang, L; Jin, D; Stenzel, MH
2021-07-01Regulating the uptake of poly(N-(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide)-based micelles in cells cultured on micropatterned surfacesAl-Nakashli, R; Oh, H; Chapman, R; Stenzel, MH; Lu, H
2021-04-14Optimizing the Polymer Cloak for Upconverting Nanoparticles: An Evaluation of Bioactivity and Optical Performance.Zhang, L; Chen, C; Tay, SS; Wen, S; Cao, C; Biro, M; Jin, D; Stenzel, MH
2021-02-06Quantitatively Monitoring <i>In Situ</i> Mitochondrial Thermal Dynamics by Upconversion Nanoparticles.Di, X; Wang, D; Zhou, J; Zhang, L; Stenzel, MH; Su, QP; Jin, D
2019-01-22Importance of Polymer Length in Fructose-Based Polymeric Micelles for an Enhanced Biological ActivityLu, M; Chen, F; Cao, C; Garvey, CJ; Fletcher, NL; Houston, ZH; Lu, H; Lord, MS; Thurecht, KJ; Stenzel, MH
2019-01-14Sugar Concentration and Arrangement on the Surface of Glycopolymer Micelles Affect the Interaction with Cancer CellsLu, M; Khine, YY; Chen, F; Cao, C; Garvey, CJ; Lu, H; Stenzel, MH
2018-03-27Multicellular Tumor Spheroids (MCTS) as a 3D In Vitro Evaluation Tool of NanoparticlesLu, H; Stenzel, MH
2018-02-12Delivery of Amonafide from Fructose-Coated Nanodiamonds by Oxime Ligation for the Treatment of Human Breast CancerZhao, J; Lu, M; Lai, H; Lu, H; Lalevée, J; Barner-Kowollik, C; Stenzel, MH; Xiao, P
2018-01-01Safety of nanoparticles based on albumin-polymer conjugates as a carrier of nucleotides for pancreatic cancer therapyTaguchi, K; Lu, H; Jiang, Y; Hung, TT; Stenzel, MH
2018-01-01Spatially resolved coding of λ-orthogonal hydrogels by laser lithographyBatchelor, RR; Blasco, E; Wuest, KNR; Lu, H; Wegener, M; Barner-Kowollik, C; Stenzel, MH
2018-01-01Length: Vs. stiffness: Which plays a dominant role in the cellular uptake of fructose-based rod-like micelles by breast cancer cells in 2D and 3D cell culture models?Zhao, J; Lu, H; Yao, Y; Ganda, S; Stenzel, MH
2016-11-20Cationic Polymers based on Fructose and Galactose Moieties for Nucleic Acids DeliveryAttwater, DJ; Stenzel, MH; Min, EH; Zhao, J; Hutvagner, GJ; Ting, SRSIMON
2015-07-12Targeted delivery of siRNA using glycopolymerTing, SS; Min, EH; Nguyen, HT; Stenzel, MH; Hutvagner, G
2015-01-01Direct synthesis of glycopolymers using glycomonomersSimon Ting, SR; Stenzel, MH
2013-02-05Synthesis of pH-responsive and thiol-degradable hollow microspheresGu, W; Ting, SRS; Stenzel, MH
2011-08-09Synthetic route effect on macromolecular architecture: From block to gradient copolymers based on acryloyl galactose monomer using RAFT polymerizationEscalé, P; Ting, SRS; Khoukh, A; Rubatat, L; Save, M; Stenzel, MH; Billon, L
2010-08-01Thermo-Responsive glycopolymer chains grafted onto honeycomb structured porous films via RAFT Polymerization as a thermo-dependent switcher for lectin concanavalin a conjugationHee Min, EUN; Simon Ting, SR; Billon, L; Stenzel, MH
2010-06-22Controlled/Living ab initio emulsion polymerization via a glucose raft stab: Degradable cross-linked glyco-particles for concanavalin A/ Fim H conjugations to cluster E. Coli bacteriaTing, SRS; Min, EH; Zetterlund, PB; Stenzel, MH
2009-12-22Lectin recognizable biomaterials synthesized via nitroxide-mediated polymerization of a methacryloyl galactose monomerTing, SRS; Min, EH; Escalé, P; Save, M; Billon, L; Stenzel, MH