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2023-08The utility of otolith-based methods for discriminating stock structure of the fishery important monacanthid, Nelusetta ayraud, over an intermediate scaleGunton, H; Fowler, AM; Miller, ME; Booth, DJ; Stewart, J
2022-11-23Geographical variation in age and growth of the endemic Australian sciaenid Atractoscion atelodus.Hegarty, A-M; Stewart, J; Gladstone, W
2022-11-01Life-history traits and commercial catch composition of Chelidonichthys kumu in south-eastern AustraliaStewart, J; Fowler, AM; Meadows, NM; Johnson, DD
2022-03-01Movement patterns of an iconic recreational fish species, mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus), revealed by cooperative citizen-science tagging programs in coastal eastern AustraliaHughes, JM; Meadows, NM; Stewart, J; Booth, DJ; Fowler, AM
2021-10-01Reproductive strategies of a temperate Australian sciaenid (teraglin, Atractoscion atelodus)Hegarty, AM; Stewart, J; Gladstone, W
2021-10The influence of climatic and lunar drivers on landings cycles of the temperate Australian sciaenid (Atractoscion atelodus) at two temporal scales: A working hypothesis for future management of this resource.Stewart, J; Hegarty, A-M; Gladstone, W
2020-12Top 10 priorities for future infertility research: an international consensus development study† ‡.Duffy, JMN; Adamson, GD; Benson, E; Bhattacharya, S; Bhattacharya, S; Bofill, M; Brian, K; Collura, B; Curtis, C; Evers, JLH; Farquharson, RG; Fincham, A; Franik, S; Giudice, LC; Glanville, E; Hickey, M; Horne, AW; Hull, ML; Johnson, NP; Jordan, V; Khalaf, Y; Knijnenburg, JML; Legro, RS; Lensen, S; MacKenzie, J; Mavrelos, D; Mol, BW; Morbeck, DE; Nagels, H; Ng, EHY; Niederberger, C; Otter, AS; Puscasiu, L; Rautakallio-Hokkanen, S; Sadler, L; Sarris, I; Showell, M; Stewart, J; Strandell, A; Strawbridge, C; Vail, A; van Wely, M; Vercoe, M; Vuong, NL; Wang, AY; Wang, R; Wilkinson, J; Wong, K; Wong, TY; Farquhar, CM; Priority Setting Partnership for Infertility,
2020-05The influence of rainfall on recruitment success and commercial catch for the large sciaenid, Argyrosomus japonicus, in eastern Australia.Stewart, J; Hughes, JM; Stanley, C; Fowler, AM
2018-11-13Patterns and drivers of movement for a coastal benthopelagic fish, Pseudocaranx georgianus, on Australia's southeast coast.Fowler, AM; Chick, RC; Stewart, J
2016-08-01Partial migration of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) on Australia's east coast revealed by otolith chemistryFowler, AM; Smith, SM; Booth, DJ; Stewart, J
2015-12-01MicroRNA expression is altered in an ovalbumin-induced asthma model and targeting miR-155 with antagomirs reveals cellular specificityPlank, MW; Maltby, S; Tay, HL; Stewart, J; Eyers, F; Hansbro, PM; Foster, PS
2013-01Reproductive Characteristics Of The Ocean Leatherjacket, Nelusetta AyraudiMiller, M; Stewart, J
2012-08-01Spawning frequency in the eastern Australian river garfish, Hyporhamphus regularis ardelio (Hemiramphidae)Nuttall, AM; Stewart, J; Hughes, JM
2012-04-01Micro-computed tomography: An alternative method for shark ageingGeraghty, PT; Jones, AS; Stewart, J; Macbeth, WG
2011-01Using Otolith Increment Widths To Infer Spatial, Temporal And Gender Variation In The Growth Of Sand Whiting Sillago CiliataStocks, J; Stewart, J; Gray, C; West, R
2011-01Evidence of age-class truncation in some exploited marine fish populations in New South Wales, AustraliaStewart, J
2010-01Using Otoliths To Estimate Age And Growth Of A Large Australian Endemic Monocanthid, Nelusetta Ayraudi (quoy And Gaimard, 1824)Miller, M; Stewart, J; West, R
2010Life-history traits of the southern hemisphere eastern red scorpionfish, Scorpaena cardinalis (Scorpaenidae: Scorpaeninae)Stewart, J; Hughes, JM
2009-03Biological and fishery characteristics of rubberlip morwong Nemadactylus douglasii (Hector, 1875) in eastern AustraliaStewart, J; Hughes, JM
2008-07-31Comparison of the life histories of three co-occurring wrasses (Teleostei: Labridae) in coastal waters of south-eastern AustraliaMorton, JK; Gladstone, W; Hughes, JM; Stewart, J