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2023-06Spatial variability of explosive blast loading and its effect on damage risks to reinforced concrete buildingsStewart, MG
2023-03-01Climate Adaptation Engineering: An Optimist's ViewStewart, MG
2023-01-01Structural reliability and partial safety factor assessment of unreinforced masonry in vertical bendingIsfeld, AC; Stewart, MG; Masia, MJ
2023-01-01Fragility assessment for new and deteriorated portal framed industrial buildings subjected to tropical cyclone windsQin, H; Mason, M; Stewart, MG
2022-09-15Spatial variability and stochastic finite element model of unreinforced masonry veneer wall system under Out-of-plane loadingMuhit, IB; Masia, MJ; Stewart, MG; Isfeld, AC
2022-09-15Impact of construction errors on the structural safety of a post-tensioned reinforced concrete bridgeGalvão, N; Matos, JC; Hajdin, R; Ferreira, L; Stewart, MG
2022-07-01Simplified reliability-based load design factors for explosive blast loading, weapons effects, and its application to collateral damage estimationStewart, MG
2022-06-01Simplified calculation of airblast variability and reliability-based design load factors for spherical air burst and hemispherical surface burst explosionsStewart, MG
2022-05-01Reliability-based design and robustness for blast-resistant design of RC buildingsStewart, MG
2022-02-28Monte-Carlo laboratory testing of unreinforced masonry veneer wall system under out-of-plane loadingMuhit, IB; Masia, MJ; Stewart, MG
2022-01-01Adaptation of Housing to Climate Change and Extreme WindstormsQin, H; Stewart, MG
2022-01-01Conclusions for Engineers and Policy MakersRosowsky, DV; Stewart, MG
2022-01-01Reliability updating of partial factors for empirical codes: Application to Super-T PSC girders designs at the ultimate limit state in bendingMelhem, MM; Caprani, CC; Stewart, MG
2022-01-01Systems thinking averts apocalypses now and in the future: why we should always look on the bright side of lifeStewart, MG
2022-01-01Investigating the Effects of Climate Change on Material Properties and Structural PerformanceOrcesi, A; O'Connor, A; Bastidas-Arteaga, E; Stewart, MG; Imam, B; Kreislova, K; Schoefs, F; Markogiannaki, O; Wu, T; Li, Y; Salman, A; Hawchar, L; Ryan, PC
2022-01-01Aviation Resilience to Terrorist HijackingsStewart, MG; Mueller, J
2022-01-01Probabilistic constitutive law for masonry veneer wall tiesMuhit, IB; Stewart, MG; Masia, MJ
2022-01-01Extreme Events for Infrastructure: Uncertainty and RiskStewart, MG; Rosowsky, DV
2021-12-01Model error and reliability of reinforced concrete beams in shear designed according to the Modified Compression Field TheoryAgarwal, A; Foster, SJ; Stewart, MG
2021-12-01Field test and probabilistic analysis of irregular steel debris casualty risks from a person-borne improvised explosive deviceSielicki, PW; Stewart, MG; Gajewski, T; Malendowski, M; Peksa, P; Al-Rifaie, H; Studziński, R; Sumelka, W