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1-Jan-2017Compensation for survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse in Australia: Tortious rights and challenges for reformStewart, PE; Silink, A; Young, L; Kenny, MA; Monahan, G
2016Tort Law Reform to Improve Access to Compensation for Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual AbuseStewart, PE; Silink, A
Jan-2014Lacunae And Litigants: A Study Of Negligence Cases In The High Court Of Australia In The First Decade Of The 21St Century And BeyondStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG
Jan-2013The rise of the common law in statutory interpretation of tort law reform legislation: Oil and water or a milky pond?Stuhmcke, AG; Stewart, PE
Jan-2011Tortious Remedies for Deliberate Wrongdoing to Victims of Human Trafficking and Slavery in AustraliaStewart, PE
Jan-2010The Requirement that Lawyers Certify Reasonable Prospects of Success:Must 21st Century Lawyers Boldly Go where No Lawyer has Gone Before?Stewart, PE; Evers, M
Jan-2009Australian Principles of Tort LawStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG
Jan-2008The Child in Utero and Ex UteroStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG; Monahan, G; Young, L
Jan-2008Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW v Dederer: Negligence and the Exuberance of YouthStewart, PE; Monahan, GI
Jan-2008Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales v DedererStewart, PE; Monahan, GI
Jan-2007Legal Pragmatism and the Pre-Birth Continuum: an absence of unifying principleStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG
Jan-2006Not to be too pedantic ... but what exactly is a dangerous recreational activity?Thorpe, DE; Stewart, PE
Jan-2005Australian Principles of TortsStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG