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1-Jul-2018Integrated intelligent water-energy metering systems and informatics: Visioning a digital multi-utility service providerStewart, RA; Nguyen, K; Beal, C; Zhang, H; Sahin, O; Bertone, E; Vieira, AS; Castelletti, A; Cominola, A; Giuliani, M; Giurco, D; Blumenstein, M; Turner, A; Liu, A; Kenway, S; Savić, DA; Makropoulos, C; Kossieris, P
1-Jan-2017Renewable hydropower generation as a co-benefit of balanced urban water portfolio management and flood risk mitigationSahin, O; Stewart, RA; Giurco, D; Porter, MG
2015Performance and economics of internally plumbed rainwater tanks: An Australian perspectiveStewart, RA; Sahin, O; Siems, R; Talebpour, MR; Giurco, D; Memon, FA; Ward, S
1-Dec-2013End use water consumption in households: Impact of socio-demographic factors and efficient devicesWillis, RM; Stewart, RA; Giurco, DP; Talebpour, MR; Mousavinejad, A
Jan-2012Understanding non-registration in domestic water meters: Implications for meter replacement strategiesMukheibir, P; Stewart, RA; Giurco, D; O'Halloran, K
1-Sep-2010Smart metering and water end-use data: Conservation benefits and privacy risksGiurco, DP; White, SB; Stewart, RA
1-Jun-2010Web-based knowledge management system: Linking smart metering to the future of urban water planningStewart, RA; Willis, R; Giurco, D; Panuwatwanich, K; Capati, G
1-Sep-2009Gold coast domestic water end use studyWillis, R; Stewart, RA; Panuwatwanich, K; Capati, B; Giurco, D
Sep-2009Gold Coast Domestic Water End Use StudyPanuwatwanich, K; Willis, R; Stewart, RA; Giurco, D; Capati, B