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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Commercialisation of Intellectual PropertyStoianoff, NP; Chilton, F; Monotti, AL
26-Aug-2016Carbon policy in Australia – a political historyStoianoff, NP; Guglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP; Kreiser, L; Butcher, B; Milne, JE; Ashiabor, H
26-Aug-2016Carbon policy in Australia - A political historyGuglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP
2016Tax and the environment: an evaluation framework for tax policy reform - group Delphi studyStoianoff, NP; Walpole, M
2016Regulation of ship-sourced carbon dioxide emissions: The creation of economic instrumentsPalassis, EN; Stoianoff, NP; Kreiser, L; Butcher, B; Milne, JE; Ashiabor, H
28-Aug-2015Climate change law and policymaking: The utility of the Delphi methodGuglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP
23-Apr-2015Applying the Delphi method as a research technique in tax law and policyGuglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP
1-Jan-2015Ensuring a sustainable future through recognizing and protecting indigenous ecological knowledgeStoianoff, NP
1-Oct-2014Recognising and Protecting Aboriginal Knowledge Associated with Natural Resource Management - White Paper for the Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW, 2014Stoianoff, NP; Cahill, A; Wright, E; Marshall, V
Jan-2013Improving the Patent System to Promote Innovation: An Information Technology Case StudyStoianoff, NP
Jan-2013The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)and the Intergovernmental Committee: Developments on Traditional Knowledge and Cultural ExpressionsAdjei, P; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2012Navigating the Landscape of Indigenous Knowledge - A Legal PerspectiveStoianoff, NP
Jan-2012The Influence of the WTO over China's Intellectual Property RegimeStoianoff, NP
Jan-2012Intellectual Property Laws and GovernanceStoianoff, NP; Blazey, P; Blazey, P; Chan, KW
Jan-2011Legislation, Citizens' Rights, and the Self-Determination of a Developing Country: A Papua New Guinean Case StudyStoianoff, NP; Kaidonis, MA; Paddock, L; Qun, D; Kotze, LJ; Markell, DL; Markowitz, KJ; Zaelke, D
Jan-2011The Coming of Age of Enterprise Taxation in ChinaStoianoff, NP
Jan-2011Carbon Pricing Options for a Post-Kyoto Response to Climate Change in AustraliaGumley, W; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2010The Shifting Meaning of SustainabilityKaidonis, MA; Stoianoff, NP; Andrew, J; Aras, G; Crowther, D
2-Nov-2009Biodiversity conservation, local government finance and differential rates: The good, the bad and the potentially attractiveKelly, AH; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2009The Recognition of Traditional Knowledge under Australian Biodiscovery Regimes: Why Bother with Intellectual Property Rights?Stoianoff, NP; Antons, C