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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jan-2018H2-based optimal sparse sliding mode control for networked control systemsArgha, A; Li, L; Su, S
1-Dec-2017Real-time identification of heart rate responses via auxiliary-model-based damped RLS schemeArgha, A; Lin, Y; Cao, K; Su, S; Celler, B
1-Nov-2017Global optimization for optimal power flow over transmission networksShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Tuy, H; Su, S
11-Jul-2017The Classification for Equilibrium Triad Sensory Loss based on sEMG Signals of Calf MusclesYu, H; Guo, K; Luo, J; Cao, K; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017A CHF Detection Method based on Deep Learning with RR IntervalsChen, W; Liu, G; Su, S; Jiang, Q; Nguyen, HT
11-Jul-2017EEG-based Emotion Classification using Innovative Features and Combined SVM and HMM ClassifierGuo, K; Candra, H; Yu, H; Li, H; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017Non-parametric Modelling of VO2 Response to ExcerciseYe, L; Argha, A; Celler, BG; Zhang, Y; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
11-Jul-2017EEG Emotion Recognition using Reduced Channel Wavelet Entropy and Average Wavelet Coefficient Features with Normal Mutual Information MethodCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Chai, R; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
5-Apr-2017Nonconvex spectral algorithm for solving BMI on the reduced order H<inf>∞</inf> controlShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Su, S
2017Multiloop Integral Controllability Analysis for Nonlinear Multiple-Input Single-Output ProcessesZhang, Y; Su, S; Savkin, A; Celler, B; Nguyen, H
16-Aug-2016Cardiovascular Fitness Strengthening Using Portable DeviceAlqudah, HM; Cao, K; Zhang, T; Haddad, A; Su, S; Celler, B; Nguyen, H
16-Aug-2016The Hybrid Bio-Inspired Aerial Vehicle: Concept and SIMSCAPE Flight SimulationZhang, T; Su, S; Nguyen, HT; Patton, J
Aug-2016Classification of facial-emotion expression in the application of psychotherapy using Viola-Jones and Edge-Histogram of Oriented Gradient.Candra, H; Yuwono, M; Rifai Chai; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
13-Mar-2016Stabilising the networked control systems involving actuation and measurement consecutive packet lossesArgha, A; Li, L; Su, S; Nguyen, HT
16-Dec-2015Robust Output-feedback Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control Utilizing Disturbance ObserverArgha, A; Li, L; Su, S; Nguyen, H
18-Nov-2015Distributed Microgrid State Estimation Using Smart Grid CommunicationsRana, M; Li, L; Su, S
28-Sep-2015Robust state-of-charge estimation of ultracapacitors for electric vehiclesZhang, L; Su, S; Hu, X; Dorrell, DG
25-Aug-2015Recognizing emotions from EEG subbands using wavelet analysisCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Handojoseno, A; Chai, R; Su, S; Nguyen, HT; Conference Editorial Board for EMBC 2015
25-Aug-2015Investigation of Window Size in Classification of EEG Emotion Signal with Wavelet Entropy and Support Vector MachineCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Chai, R; Handojoseno, A; Elamvazuthi, I; Nguyen, HT; Su, S; Conference Editorial Board for EMBC 2015
25-Aug-2015Optimum Experimental Design Applied to MEMS Accelerometer Calibration for 9-Parameter Auto-Calibration ModelYe, L; Su, S; Conference Editor Board for EMBC 2015