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2022-11-10Combined impacts of natural recruitment and active propagation for coral population recovery on the Great Barrier ReefRoper, CD; Camp, EF; Edmondson, J; Suggett, DJ
2022-10-31Deoxygenation lowers the thermal threshold of coral bleaching.Alderdice, R; Perna, G; Cárdenas, A; Hume, BCC; Wolf, M; Kühl, M; Pernice, M; Suggett, DJ; Voolstra, CR
2022-10-07Experimental considerations of acute heat stress assays to quantify coral thermal tolerance.Nielsen, JJV; Matthews, G; Frith, KR; Harrison, HB; Marzonie, MR; Slaughter, KL; Suggett, DJ; Bay, LK
2022-10-01Colony self-shading facilitates Symbiodiniaceae cohabitation in a South Pacific coral communityLewis, RE; Davy, SK; Gardner, SG; Rongo, T; Suggett, DJ; Nitschke, MR
2022-10-01Symbiosis induces unique volatile profiles in the model cnidarian Aiptasia.Wuerz, M; Lawson, CA; Ueland, M; Oakley, CA; Grossman, AR; Weis, VM; Suggett, DJ; Davy, SK
2022-08-01Species-specific elementomes for scleractinian coral hosts and their associated SymbiodiniaceaeGrima, AJ; Clases, D; Gonzalez de Vega, R; Nitschke, MR; Goyen, S; Suggett, DJ; Camp, EF
2022-08Translating the 10 golden rules of reforestation for coral reef restoration.Quigley, KM; Hein, M; Suggett, DJ
2022-06Adoption of coral propagation and out-planting via the tourism industry to advance site stewardship on the northern Great Barrier ReefHowlett, L; Camp, EF; Edmondson, J; Edmondson, J; Agius, T; Hosp, R; Coulthard, P; Edmondson, S; Suggett, DJ
2022-06Widespread oxyregulation in tropical corals under hypoxiaHughes, DJ; Alexander, J; Cobbs, G; Kühl, M; Cooney, C; Pernice, M; Varkey, D; Voolstra, CR; Suggett, DJ
2022-05-19Disparate Inventories of Hypoxia Gene Sets Across Corals Align With Inferred Environmental ResilienceAlderdice, R; Hume, BCC; Kühl, M; Pernice, M; Suggett, DJ; Voolstra, CR
2022-05-12Disentangling compartment functions in sessile marine invertebrates.Hughes, DJ; Raina, J-B; Nielsen, DA; Suggett, DJ; Kühl, M
2022-04-09Micronutrient content drives elementome variability amongst the Symbiodiniaceae.Camp, EF; Nitschke, MR; Clases, D; Gonzalez de Vega, R; Reich, HG; Goyen, S; Suggett, DJ
2022-04-05Proteome metabolome and transcriptome data for three Symbiodiniaceae under ambient and heat stress conditions.Camp, EF; Kahlke, T; Signal, B; Oakley, CA; Lutz, A; Davy, SK; Suggett, DJ; Leggat, WP
2022-03-14Horizon scan of rapidly advancing coral restoration approaches for 21st century reef management.Suggett, DJ; van Oppen, MJH
2022-02-01Impacts of nursery-based propagation and out-planting on coral-associated bacterial communitiesStrudwick, P; Seymour, J; Camp, EF; Edmondson, J; Haydon, T; Howlett, L; Le Reun, N; Siboni, N; Suggett, DJ
2022-01-01Experiment Degree Heating Week (eDHW) as a novel metric to reconcile and validate past and future global coral bleaching studies.Leggat, W; Heron, SF; Fordyce, A; Suggett, DJ; Ainsworth, TD
2022-01-01Revival of Philozoon Geddes for host-specialized dinoflagellates, 'zooxanthellae', in animals from coastal temperate zones of northern and southern hemispheresLaJeunesse, TC; Wiedenmann, J; Casado-Amezua, P; D'Ambra, I; Turnham, KE; Nitschke, MR; Oakley, CA; Goffredo, S; Spano, CA; Cubillos, VM; Davy, SK; Suggett, DJ
2022-01-01Physiological factors facilitating the persistence of Pocillopora aliciae and Plesiastrea versipora in temperate reefs of south-eastern Australia under ocean warmingGonzález-Pech, RA; Hughes, DJ; Strudwick, P; Lewis, BM; Booth, DJ; Figueira, WF; Sommer, B; Suggett, DJ; Matthews, J
2022-01-01Using relative return-on-effort scoring to evaluate a novel coral nursery in MalaysiaHenry, JA; Szereday, S; Lynn, CK; Suggett, DJ; Camp, EF; Patterson, JT
2022Erratum to "Quantifying Cyanothece growth under DIC limitation" [Comput. Struct. Biotechnol. J. 19 (2021) 6456-6464].Inomura, K; Masuda, T; Eichner, M; Rabouille, S; Zavřel, T; Červený, J; Vancová, M; Bernát, G; Armin, G; Claquin, P; Kotabová, E; Stephan, S; Suggett, DJ; Deutsch, C; Prášil, O