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2022-12Perinatal outcomes of women with gestational breast cancer in Australia and New Zealand: A prospective population-based study.Sullivan, E; Safi, N; Li, Z; Remond, M; Chen, TYT; Javid, N; Dickinson, JE; Ives, A; Hammarberg, K; Anazodo, A; Boyle, F; Fisher, J; Halliday, L; Duncombe, G; McLintock, C; Wang, AY; Saunders, C
2022-06-25Investigating the association between infertility and psychological distress using Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health (ALSWH).Bagade, T; Thapaliya, K; Breuer, E; Kamath, R; Li, Z; Sullivan, E; Majeed, T
2022-06Determinants of Perinatal Outcomes in Dialyzed and Transplanted Women in Australia.Hewawasam, E; Davies, CE; Li, Z; Clayton, P; Sullivan, E; McDonald, SP; Jesudason, S
2022-05-25Factors influencing fertility rates in Australian women receiving kidney replacement therapy: analysis of linked Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry and perinatal data over 22 years.Hewawasam, E; Davies, CE; Gulyani, A; Li, Z; Clayton, PA; Sullivan, E; McDonald, SP; Jesudason, S
2022-01-03A systematic review of post-release programs for women exiting prison with substance-use disorders: assessing current programs and weighing the evidence.Edwards, L; Jamieson, SK; Bowman, J; Chang, S; Newton, J; Sullivan, E
2021-12-22Caring for Pregnant Women with Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Qualitative Study of Health Service Provider PerspectivesVaughan, G; Dawson, A; Peek, M; Carapetis, J; Wade, V; Sullivan, E
2021-11-23Clinical Decision Making in the Management of Breast Cancer Diagnosed During Pregnancy: A Review and Case Series Analysis.Safi, N; Saunders, C; Anazodo, A; Dickinson, JE; Boyle, F; Ives, A; Wang, A; Li, Z; Sullivan, E
2021-11-12The needs and experiences of mothers while in prison and post-release: a rapid review and thematic synthesis.Breuer, E; Remond, M; Lighton, S; Passalaqua, J; Galouzis, J; Stewart, K-A; Sullivan, E
2021-11The role of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in the information-seeking pathway of vaccine-hesitant parents in the Blue Mountains area, Australia.Frawley, JE; McKenzie, K; Janosi, J; Forssman, B; Sullivan, E; Wiley, K
2021-07-22Patterns of psychiatric admission in Australian pregnant and childbearing women.Austin, M-P; Ambrosi, TL; Reilly, N; Croft, M; Hutchinson, J; Donnolley, N; Mihalopoulos, C; Chatterton, ML; Chambers, GM; Sullivan, E; Knox, C; Xu, F; Highet, N; Morgan, VA
2021-06-23'Womb for work' experiences of Thai women and gestational surrogacy practice in Thailand.Attawet, J; Wang, A; Sullivan, E
2021-06-01The effectiveness and impact of driver licensing programs on licensing and employment rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia: A systematic reviewPorykali, B; Hunter, K; Davies, A; Young, N; Sullivan, E; Ivers, R
2021-04-01POS-184 Maternal characteristics and birth outcomes for mothers receiving kidney replacement therapy: An analysis of linked ANZDATA Registry and Perinatal datasets over 22 yearsHEWAWASAM, E; Davies, C; Gulyani, A; Li, Z; Clayton, P; Sullivan, E; McDonald, S; Jesudason, S
2021-02-01Exploring complementary medicine practitioners' attitudes towards the use of an immunization decision aid, and its potential acceptability for use with clients to reduce vaccine related decisional conflict.Frawley, JE; McKenzie, K; Forssman, BL; Sullivan, E; Wiley, K
2021-01-22A total blood volume or more transfused during pregnancy or after childbirth: Individual patient data from six international population-based observational studies.McCall, SJ; Henriquez, D; Edwards, HM; van den Akker, T; Bloemenkamp, KWM; van der Bom, J; Bonnet, M-P; Deneux-Tharaux, C; Donati, S; Gillissen, A; Kurinczuk, JJ; Li, Z; Maraschini, A; Seco, A; Sullivan, E; Stanworth, S; Knight, M
2021-01-01Cumulative live birth rates among gestational surrogates in altruistic surrogacy arrangements.Attawet, J; Wang, A; Li, Z; Johnson, L; Hammarberg, K; Sullivan, E
2021-01-01Rheumatic Heart Disease in Pregnancy: New Strategies for an Old Disease?Vaughan, G; Dawson, A; Peek, M; Sliwa, K; Carapetis, J; Wade, V; Sullivan, E
2020-04-22Having a baby in your 40s with ART: the reproductive dilemma of autologous versus donor oocytes.Hogan, R; Wang, AY; Li, Z; Hammarberg, K; Johnson, L; Mol, BW; Sullivan, E
2020-02-01Supportive oncofertility care, psychological health and reproductive concerns: a qualitative studyWang, Y; Logan, S; Stern, K; Wakefield, CE; Cohn, RJ; Agresta, F; Jayasinghe, Y; Deans, R; Segelov, E; McLachlan, RI; Gerstl, B; Sullivan, E; Ledger, WE; Anazodo, A
2020-01-10Uptake of funded influenza vaccines in young Australian children in 2018; parental characteristics, information seeking and attitudesFrawley, JE; McManus, K; McIntyre, E; Seale, H; Sullivan, E