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2022-08-31Resolving Conflicts among Unbalanced Multi-Source Data When Multi-Value Objects ExistFang, XS; Sheng, QZ; Yang, J; Sun, G; Wang, X; Zhang, Y
2022-07-01Modeling Spatio-temporal Neighbourhood for Personalized Point-of-interest RecommendationWang, X; Sun, G; Fang, X; Yang, J; Wang, S
2022-07-01Vibration-based damage identification in composite plates using 3D-DIC and wavelet analysisSun, G; Wang, Y; Luo, Q; Li, Q
2022-01-01Applying Machine Translation and Language Modelling Strategies for the Recommendation Task of Micro Learning ServiceLin, J; Sun, G; Beydoun, G; Li, L
2021-11-30Machine learning based topology optimization of fiber orientation for variable stiffness composite structuresXu, Y; Gao, Y; Wu, C; Fang, J; Sun, G; Steven, GP; Li, Q
2021-11-01Measurement of fracture parameters based upon digital image correlation and virtual crack closure techniquesHuo, X; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G
2021-10-01Injury biomechanics-based nondeterministic optimization of front-end structures for safety in pedestrian–vehicle impactLei, F; Lv, X; Fang, J; Pang, T; Li, Q; Sun, G
2021-10-01Nondeterministic multi-objective and multi-case discrete optimization of functionally-graded front-bumper structures for pedestrian protectionLei, F; Lv, X; Fang, J; Li, Q; Sun, G
2021-10-01Parallelized optimization design of bumper systems under multiple low-speed impact loadsSun, G; Wang, X; Fang, J; Pang, T; Li, Q
2021-07-01On the effects of temperature on tensile behavior of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy laminatesSun, G; Zuo, W; Chen, D; Luo, Q; Pang, T; Li, Q
2021-07-01On quasi-static behaviors of different joint methods for connecting carbon fiber reinforce plastic (CFRP) laminate and aluminum alloySun, G; Xia, X; Liu, X; Luo, Q; Li, Q
2021-06-01A path-dependent level set topology optimization with fracture criterionWu, C; Fang, J; Zhou, S; Zhang, Z; Sun, G; Steven, GP; Li, Q
2021-06-01Modal identification of vibrating structures using singular value decomposition and nonlinear iteration based on high-speed digital image correlationSun, G; Li, W; Luo, Q; Li, Q
2021-06-01On fatigue failure prediction of prosthetic devices through XFEM analysisWan, B; Entezari, A; Zhang, Z; Wilson, T; Yoda, N; Zheng, K; Wu, C; Sun, G; Sasaki, K; Swain, M; Li, Q
2021-05-01Optimizaition for formability of plain woven carbon fiber fabricsWang, Z; Xie, H; Luo, Q; Li, Q; Sun, G
2021-05-01Experimental investigation into stamping of woven CF/PP laminates: Influences of molding temperature on thermal, mesoscopic and macroscopic propertiesSun, G; Kong, X; Wang, Z; Luo, Q; Li, Q
2021-04-22Correction to: Phase field fracture in elasto-plastic solids: a length-scale insensitive model for quasi-brittle materialsFang, J; Wu, C; Rabczuk, T; Wu, C; Sun, G; Li, Q
2021-04-15On design of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminated structure with different failure criteriaXu, Y; Gao, Y; Wu, C; Fang, J; Sun, G; Steven, GP; Li, Q
2021-04-01On lower confidence bound improvement matrix-based approaches for multiobjective Bayesian optimization and its applications to thin-walled structuresSun, G; Li, L; Fang, J; Li, Q
2021-03-05A time-dependent mechanobiology-based topology optimization to enhance bone growth in tissue scaffolds.Wu, C; Fang, J; Entezari, A; Sun, G; Swain, MV; Xu, Y; Steven, GP; Li, Q