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1-Dec-2017An adaptive power-split strategy for battery-supercapacitor powertrain-design, simulation, and experimentSun, L; Feng, K; Chapman, C; Zhang, N
1-Jul-2017Robust, efficient depth reconstruction with hierarchical confidence-based matchingSun, L; Chen, K; Song, M; Tao, D; Chen, G; Chen, C
1-Jul-2017Coupling Conditionally Independent Submaps for Large-Scale 2.5D Mapping with Gaussian Markov Random FieldsSun, L; Vidal Calleja, TA; Valls Miro, JAIME
8-May-2017An innovative control strategy for a hybrid energy storage system (HESS)Sun, L; Zhang, N; Awadallah, M; Walker, P
30-Mar-2017Experimental investigation of a base isolation system incorporating MR dampers with the high-order single step control algorithmFu, W; Zhang, C; Sun, L; Askari, M; Samali, B; Chung, KL; Sharafi, P
9-Oct-2016Constrained Sampling of 2.5D Probabilistic Maps for Augmented InferenceShi, L; Valls Miro, J; Zhang, T; Vidal Calleja, T; Sun, L; Dissanayake, G
23-Sep-2016Atomically thin lateral p-n junction photodetector with large effective detection areaXu, ZQ; Zhang, Y; Wang, Z; Shen, Y; Huang, W; Xia, X; Yu, W; Xue, Y; Sun, L; Zheng, C; Lu, Y; Liao, L; Bao, Q
16-May-2016Gaussian Markov Random Fields for Fusion in Information FormSun, L; Vidal Calleja, TA; Valls Miro, J
May-2016Kinesin 1 Drives Autolysosome Tubulation.Du, W; Su, QP; Chen, Y; Zhu, Y; Jiang, D; Rong, Y; Zhang, S; Zhang, Y; Ren, H; Zhang, C; Wang, X; Gao, N; Wang, Y; Sun, L; Sun, Y; Yu, L
1-Apr-2016Cloud-FuSeR: Fuzzy ontology and MCDM based cloud service selectionSun, L; Ma, J; Zhang, Y; Dong, H; Hussain, FK
1-Jan-2016Reducing the peak-to-average power ratio for electric vehicles using hybrid energy storage systems (HESS)Sun, L; Zhang, N
2016Radar-based rainfall erosivity and hillslope erosion modelling in a burnt national park after storm eventsZhu, Q; Yang, X; Yu, B; Sun, L
2016Reducing the Peak-to-average Power Ratio for Electric Vehicles using Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS)Sun, L; Zhang, N
2016Reducing the Peak-to-average Power Ratio for Electric Vehicles using Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS)Sun, L; Zhang, N
2-Dec-2015Kernel-Specific Gaussian Process for Predicting Pipe Wall Thickness MapsShi, L; Sun, L; Vidal Calleja, T; Miro, JV
1-Sep-2015Design, implementation and characterization of a novel bi-directional energy conversion system on DC motor drive using super-capacitorsSun, L; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2015Bayesian Fusion using Conditionally Independent Submaps for High Resolution 2.5D MappingSun, L; Vidal Calleja, TA; Valls Miro, J; Okamura, A
Jan-2014An Electric Scooter with Super-Capacitor Drive and Regenerative BrakingSun, L; Awadallah, M; Chi, L; Zhang, N; Sun, L; Awadallah, M; Chi, L; Zhang, N
27-Aug-2013Study on steering wheel shimmy with clearance of kingpinZhou, B; Zhang, N; Sun, L
14-Feb-2013Spatial graphlet matching kernel for recognizing aerial image categoriesZhang, L; Song, M; Sun, L; Liu, X; Wang, Y; Tao, D; Bu, J; Chen, C