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2023-01-01Ferrous sulfide nanoparticles control mercury speciation and bioavailability to methylating bacteria in contaminated groundwater: Impacts of mercury speciesGong, Y; Yin, J; Zhang, T; Yin, W; Sun, L; Liang, Q; Wang, Q
2022-12-10Natural lighting enhancing the algae proliferation and nitrogen removal in membrane-aerated bacterial-algal biofilm reactor.Li, J; Ou, R; Liao, H; Ma, J; Sun, L; Jin, Q; He, D; Wang, Q
2022-11-07You see what I want you to see: poisoning vulnerabilities in neural code searchWan, Y; Zhang, S; Zhang, H; Sui, Y; Xu, G; Yao, D; Jin, H; Sun, L
2022-04-01TWCC: A Robust Through-the-Wall Crowd Counting System Using Ambient WiFi SignalsGuo, Z; Xiao, F; Sheng, B; Sun, L; Yu, S
2022-01-25A novel cooperative searching architecture for multi‐unmanned aerial vehicles under restricted communicationRan, H; Sun, L; Cheng, S; Ma, Y; Yan, S; Meng, S; Shi, K; Wen, S
2022-01-01Community detection in multiplex networks based on evolutionary multi-task optimization and evolutionary clustering ensembleLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Community Detection Based on Surrogate NetworkLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L
2021-11-22Machine Learning based Fitness Landscape Smoothing for Guiding Evolutionary OptimizationLyu, C; Sun, L; Shi, Y
2021-10-26Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning by Strengthening Local Label ConsistencyLi, C; Peng, X; Peng, H; Wu, J; Wang, L; Yu, PS; Li, J; Sun, L
2021-08-09Multiple-Preys Pursuit based on Biquadratic Assignment ProblemSun, L; Lyu, C; Shi, Y; Lin, C-T
2021-07-01Energy absorption of additively manufactured functionally bi-graded thickness honeycombs subjected to axial loadsWu, Y; Sun, L; Yang, P; Fang, J; Li, W
2021-06-01Comparing surface erosion processes in four soils from the Loess Plateau under extreme rainfall eventsSun, L; Zhou, JL; Cai, Q; Liu, S; Xiao, J
2021-06A Novel Local Community Detection Method Using Evolutionary Computation.Lyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L
2021-05-01The relationship of human activities and rainfall-induced landslide and debris flow hazards in Central ChinaSun, L; Ma, B; Pei, L; Zhang, X; Zhou, JL
2021-04-01Economics of Strategic Network Infrastructure Sharing: A Backup Reservation ApproachHou, J; Sun, L; Shu, T; Xiao, Y; Krunz, M
2021-01-29Networking State of Ytterbium Ions Probing the Origin of Luminescence Quenching and Activation in NanocrystalsMei, S; Zhou, J; Sun, H; Cai, Y; Sun, L; Jin, D; Yan, C
2020-11-01Impacts of soil properties on flow velocity under rainfall events: Evidence from soils across the Loess PlateauSun, L; Zhou, JL; Cai, Q
2020-04-01Cooperative coevolution of real predator robots and virtual robots in the pursuit domainSun, L; Lyu, C; Shi, Y
2020-01-01A Novel Multi-Task Optimization Algorithm Based on the Brainstorming ProcessLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L
2019-10-01CU-Net: Component Unmixing Network for Textile Fiber IdentificationFeng, Z; Liang, W; Tao, D; Sun, L; Zeng, A; Song, M