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2020-01-01Consumption Plus Love: Inequality, Domestic Utopia, and China’s New Politics of the FutureSun, W
2019-11-01Chinese-language digital/social media in Australia: double-edged sword in Australia’s public diplomacy agendaSun, W
2019-05-04Inequality in Mobility: The Pursuit of Conjugal Intimacy for China’s Rural Migrant Women in Industrial ShenzhenSun, W
2019-04-12Rainfall erosivity and sediment load over the Poyang Lake Basin under variable climate and human activities since the 1960sGu, C; Mu, X; Gao, P; Zhao, G; Sun, W; Yu, Q
2019-04China Matters Explores: We Chat?Sun, W
2019-01-16A microservices oriented edge computing framework for lvc simulation in the iot eraSun, W; Zhai, Y; Bao, T; Mudassar, M; Shen, J; Yang, K
2019-01-02Rural migrants and their marital problems: discourses of governing and knowledge production in ChinaSun, W
2018-12-11Safety Consideration for Emerging Wireless Technologies-Evaluations of Temperature Rise in Eyes for RF Radiations up to 10 GHzDiao, Y; Li, M; Sun, W; Wingleung, S; Cai, Y; Zhu, F; Yang, Y
2018-10-01Media Since 1949: Changes and ContinuitiesXu, J; Sun, W; Wu, W
2018-03-02My health is my own business': Privatization, inequality and discourses of health in post-Mao ChinaSun, W
2018-03-01Romancing the vulnerable in contemporary China: Love on the assembly line and the cultural politics of inequalitySun, W
2018-03-01‘My health is my own business’: Radio, television and advice media in post-Mao ChinaSun, W; Lei, W
2018-02-08Boosting lithium storage in covalent organic framework via activation of 14-electron redox chemistryLei, Z; Yang, Q; Xu, Y; Guo, S; Sun, W; Liu, H; Lv, L-P; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y
2018-01-02The importance of being cosmopolitan in Australia’s global classroomSun, W
2018-01-01Soft power by accident or by design: If You Are the One and Chinese televisionSun, W; Voci, P; Luo, H
2017-12-01Bridal photos and diamond rings: the inequality of romantic consumption in ChinaSun, W
2017-12-01Radio listening and the changing formations of the public in ChinaLei, W; Sun, W
2017-11-27Foreign correspondents in China: Partner or liability in China's public diplomacy?Sun, W
2017-10-02Vector control for a bearingless induction motor based on nonsingular terminal sliding mode structureYang, Z; Zhang, D; Sun, X; Sun, W; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
2017-10-01Mn <inf>3</inf>O <inf>4</inf> Nanosheet and GNS– Mn <inf>3</inf>O <inf>4</inf> Composite as High-Performance Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion BatteriesSun, W; Yu, Z; Lv, LP; Xu, Y; Liu, H; Wang, G; Wang, Y