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2021-08-16Leftover Men and Masculine Grievance: Making Sense of Rural Migrant Men’s Emotional HardshipsSun, W
2021-06-28Chinese-language digital news media in Australia: New narratives of hybrid identitiesSun, W
2021-05-27Propaganda innovation and resilient governance: the case of China’s smog crisisXu, J; Sun, W
2021-03The virus of fear and anxiety: China, COVID-19, and the Australian mediaSun, W
2021-01-22Chinese Diaspora and Social Media: Negotiating Transnational SpaceSun, W; NUSSBAUM, JON
2021-01-01#Metoo in China: transnational feminist politics in the Chinese contextHuang, S; Sun, W
2021-01-01WeChat subscription accounts (WSAs) in Australia: a political economy account of Chinese-language digital/social mediaYu, H; Sun, W
2020-05-01If You Are the One and SBS: the cultural economy of differenceSun, W; Han, J
2020-01-01Consumption Plus Love: Inequality, Domestic Utopia, and China’s New Politics of the FutureSun, W
2020-01-01Dark intimacy and the moral economy of sex: Rural migrants and the cultural politics of transgressionSun, W
2020-01-01WeChatting the Australian Election: Mandarin-Speaking Migrants and the Teaching of New Citizenship PracticesSun, W; Yu, H
2020Love stories in contemporary China: cultural production in the new millenniumSun, W; Yang, L
2019-11-01Chinese-language digital/social media in Australia: double-edged sword in Australia’s public diplomacy agendaSun, W
2019-11-01Introduction: social media and Chinese digital diaspora in AustraliaYu, H; Sun, W
2019-10-25Structural and functional alterations of the tracheobronchial tree after left upper pulmonary lobectomy for lung cancerGu, Q; Qi, S; Yue, Y; Shen, J; Zhang, B; Sun, W; Qian, W; Islam, MS; Saha, SC; Wu, J
2019-05-04Inequality in Mobility: The Pursuit of Conjugal Intimacy for China’s Rural Migrant Women in Industrial ShenzhenSun, W
2019-04-12Rainfall erosivity and sediment load over the Poyang Lake Basin under variable climate and human activities since the 1960sGu, C; Mu, X; Gao, P; Zhao, G; Sun, W; Yu, Q
2019-04China Matters Explores: We Chat?Sun, W
2019-01-16A microservices oriented edge computing framework for lvc simulation in the iot eraSun, W; Zhai, Y; Bao, T; Mudassar, M; Shen, J; Yang, K