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2024-01-15Large-Scale Person Detection and Localization using Overhead Fisheye CamerasYang, L; Li, L; Xin, X; Sun, Y; Song, Q; Wang, W
2023-12-22Nanothermometer for In Vivo Temperature Detection with High Spatial Resolution Based on Core-Shell Rare Earth NanoparticlesSun, Y; Kong, M; Ke, J; Yuan, W; Wen, C; Gu, Y; Luo, S; Feng, W
2023-12-16A dataset of low-carbon energy transition index for Chinese cities 2003-2019.Shen, Y; Shi, X; Zhao, Z; Xu, J; Sun, Y; Liao, Z; Li, Y; Shan, Y
2023-10-18Single-cell transcriptomic analysis reveals a systemic immune dysregulation in COVID-19-associated pediatric encephalopathy.Wang, Y; Luu, LDW; Liu, S; Zhu, X; Huang, S; Li, F; Huang, X; Guo, L; Zhang, J; Ge, H; Sun, Y; Hui, Y; Qu, Y; Wang, H; Wang, X; Na, W; Zhou, J; Qu, D; Tai, J
2023-08-01Efficient end-to-end failure probing matrix construction in data center networksJia, Z; Liu, Q; He, Y; Wu, Q; Liu, RP; Sun, Y
2023-08-01Ultra-thin flame retardant polymer nanocomposite coating based on synergistic effect of graphene and glass sheetsOu, K; Liu, Z; Liu, Z; Fu, Q; Cao, Y; Liu, Q; Sun, Y
2023-08-01A 40-GHz Load Modulated Balanced Power Amplifier Using Unequal Power Splitter and Phase Compensation Network in 45-nm SOI CMOSChen, L; Chen, L; Ge, Z; Sun, Y; Zhu, X
2023-08-01Attacks Against Cross-Chain Systems and Defense Approaches: A Contemporary SurveyDuan, L; Sun, Y; Ni, W; Ding, W; Liu, J; Wang, W
2023-06-27A Benchmark and Asymmetrical-Similarity Learning for Practical Image Copy DetectionWang, W; Sun, Y; Yang, Y
2023-06-24ProD: Prompting-to-disentangle Domain Knowledge for Cross-domain Few-shot Image ClassificationMa, T; Sun, Y; Yang, Z; Yang, Y
2023-06-01Excellent mechanical durability of superhydrophobic coating by electrostatic sprayingCao, Y; Cheng, H; Gu, N; Ou, K; Wang, Z; Liu, Q; Guan, R; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2023-05-01Augmented Deep Reinforcement Learning for Online Energy Minimization of Wireless Powered Mobile Edge ComputingChen, X; Dai, W; Ni, W; Wang, X; Zhang, S; Xu, S; Sun, Y
2023-04-26Self-healing and wide temperature tolerant flexible supercapacitor based on ternary-network organo-hydrogel electrolyteZheng, H; Du, XJ; Liu, Q; Ou, KT; Cao, Y; Fang, X; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2023-04-12A Novel Thin Film Composite Membrane for Osmotic Energy GenerationLi, D; Ou, TK; Fu, Q; Li, DS; Liu, Z; Sun, Y
2023-04-12A Novel Thin Film Composite Membrane for Osmotic Energy GenerationLi, D; Ou, T; Fu, Q; Li, D-S; Liu, Z; Sun, Y
2023-04-01Direct Ink Writing 3D Printing of Graphene/Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> Composite Ceramics with Gradient MechanicsFan, J; Guan, R; Ou, K; Fu, Q; Liu, Q; Li, DS; Zheng, H; Sun, Y
2023-02-07Trustworthy Recommendation and Search: Introduction to the Special Issue - Part 1Yin, H; Sun, Y; Xu, G; Kanoulas, E
2023-02-01Vacancy Engineering for High-Efficiency Nanofluidic Osmotic Energy Generation.Safaei, J; Gao, Y; Hosseinpour, M; Zhang, X; Sun, Y; Tang, X; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Guo, X; Wang, Y; Chen, Z; Zhou, D; Kang, F; Jiang, L; Wang, G
2023-01-20Measuring the low-carbon energy transition in Chinese cities.Shen, Y; Shi, X; Zhao, Z; Sun, Y; Shan, Y
2023-01-10Enhanced Elastic Migration of Magnesium Cations in alpha-Manganese Dioxide Tunnels Locally Tuned by Aluminium SubstitutionDing, Y; Zhang, S; Li, J; Sun, Y; Yin, B; Li, H; Ma, Y; Wang, Z; Ge, H; Su, D; Ma, T