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2021-01-05Constructing Atomic Heterometallic Sites in Ultrathin Nickel-Incorporated Cobalt Phosphide Nanosheets via a Boron-Assisted Strategy for Highly Efficient Water Splitting.Zhao Y; Zhang J; Xie Y; Sun B; Jiang J; Jiang W-J; Xi S; Yang HY; Yan K; Wang S; Guo X; Li P; Han Z; Lu X; Liu H; Wang G
2021-01-01Reaction Mechanisms of Layered Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials for High-Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries.Zhao S; Yan K; Zhang J; Sun B; Wang G
2020-12-01Global Stabilization of Memristive Neural Networks with Leakage and Time-Varying Delays Via Quantized Sliding-Mode ControllerCao Y; Sun B; Guo Z; Huang T; Yan Z; Wen S
2020-11-01Revitalising sodium-sulfur batteries for non-high-temperature operation: A crucial reviewWang Y; Zhou D; Palomares V; Shanmukaraj D; Sun B; Tang X; Wang C; Armand M; Rojo T; Wang G
2020-10-27Immunizing lithium metal anodes against dendrite growth using protein molecules to achieve high energy batteries.Wang T; Li Y; Zhang J; Yan K; Jaumaux P; Yang J; Wang C; Shanmukaraj D; Sun B; Armand M; Cui Y; Wang G
2020-09-30The Rise of Prussian Blue Analogs: Challenges and Opportunities for High‐Performance Cathode Materials in Potassium‐Ion BatteriesZhao S; Guo Z; Yan K; Guo X; Wan S; He F; Sun B; Wang G
2020-09-01In-plane polarization induced by the hydrogen bonding and p-p Stacking of functionalized PDI supramolecules for the efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutantsLi H; Wang C; Bai X; Wang X; Sun B; Li D; Zhao L; Zong R; Hao D
2020-09Unraveling the Promotion Effects of a Soluble Cobaltocene Catalyst with Respect to Li-O2 Battery Discharge.Qian Z; Li X; Sun B; Du L; Wang Y; Zuo P; Yin G; Zhang J; Sun B; Wang G
2020-08A Garnet-Type Solid-Electrolyte-Based Molten Lithium-Molybdenum-Iron(II) Chloride Battery with Advanced Reaction Mechanism.Xu J; Liu K; Jin Y; Sun B; Zhang Z; Chen Y; Su D; Wang G; Wu H; Cui Y
2020-08Dendrite-Free Sodium Metal Batteries Enabled by the Release of Contact Strain on Flexible and Sodiophilic Matrix.Yan K; Zhao S; Zhang J; Safaei J; Yu X; Wang T; Wang S; Sun B; Wang G
2020-07-03Strain engineering of two-dimensional multilayered heterostructures for beyond-lithium-based rechargeable batteries.Xiong P; Zhang F; Zhang X; Wang S; Liu H; Sun B; Zhang J; Sun Y; Ma R; Bando Y; Zhou C; Liu Z; Sasaki T; Wang G
2020-05-28Atomic-scale identification of influencing factors of sodium dendrite growth on different current collectorsLi M; Sun B; Ao Z; An T; Wang G
2020-05-21Chinese herbal medicine Guilu Erxian Jiao attenuates bone marrow suppression following chemotherapy in patients with advanced lung cancerChen Y; Chen H; Li Y; Chen Z; Wu Y; McGowan E; Qu X; Sun B; Lin Y
2020-05-13Effect of polar amino acid incorporation on Fmoc-diphenylalanine-based tetrapeptides.Ariawan AD; Sun B; Wojciechowski JP; Lin I; Du EY; Goodchild SC; Cranfield CG; Ittner LM; Thordarson P; Martin AD
2020-05-05Biomass-Derived P/N-Co-Doped Carbon Nanosheets Encapsulate Cu<inf>3</inf>P Nanoparticles as High-Performance Anode Materials for Sodium–Ion BatteriesYin Y; Zhang Y; Liu N; Sun B; Zhang N
2020-05-01Highly disordered cobalt oxide nanostructure induced by sulfur incorporation for efficient overall water splittingYu X; Yu ZY; Zhang XL; Li P; Sun B; Gao X; Yan K; Liu H; Duan Y; Gao MR; Wang G; Yu SH
2020-04-28Defective crystal plane-oriented induced lattice polarization for the photocatalytic enhancement of ZnOBai X; Sun B; Wang X; Zhang T; Hao Q; Ni BJ; Zong R; Zhang Z; Zhang X; Li H
2020-03-05TEMPO-Ionic Liquids as Redox Mediators and Solvents for Li-O<inf>2</inf> BatteriesTkacheva A; Zhang J; Sun B; Zhou D; Wang G; McDonagh AM
2020-01-28MXene-Based Dendrite-Free Potassium Metal Batteries.Tang X; Zhou D; Li P; Guo X; Sun B; Liu H; Yan K; Gogotsi Y; Wang G
2020-01-01Non-Flammable Liquid and Quasi-Solid Electrolytes toward Highly-Safe Alkali Metal-Based BatteriesJaumaux P; Wu J; Shanmukaraj D; Wang Y; Zhou D; Sun B; Kang F; Li B; Armand M; Wang G