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2016Uneven Relationalities, Collective Biography, and Sisterly Affect in Neoliberal UniversitiesGannon, S; Kligyte, G; McLean, J; Perrier, M; Swan, E; Vanni, I; van Rijswijk, H
Jan-2013Cooking up a storm: politics, labour and bodiesSwan, E
Jan-2012Eating the Asian Other? Pedagogies of Food Multiculturalism in AustraliaFlowers, R; Swan, E
Jan-2012Cleaning Up? Transnational Corporate Femininity and Dirty Work in Magazine CultureSwan, E; Simpson, R; Slutskaya, N; Lewis, P; Hopfl, H
Jan-2012Pedagogies of doing good: Problematisations, authorities, technologies and teleologies in food activismFlowers, R; Swan, E
Jan-2012Introduction: Why food? Why pedagogy? Why adult education?Flowers, R; Swan, E
Jan-2011Eating at Us: Representations of Knowledge in the activist documentary film Food IncFlowers, R; Swan, E
Jan-2010Commodity Diversity: Smiling Faces as a Strategy of ContainmentSwan, E
Jan-2010Playing the Game: Strategies of Resistance and Co-optation in Diversity WorkSwan, E; Fox, S
Jan-2010'A testing time, full of potential?': Gender in management, histories and futuresSwan, E
Jan-2010States of White Ignorance, and Audit Masculinity in English Higher EducationSwan, E
Jan-2009Worked up Selves: Personal Development Workers, Self-Work and Therapeutic CulturesSwan, E
Jan-2009Feminist Challenges and Futures: Women, Diversity and Management LearningSwan, E; Stead, V; Elliott, C
Jan-2009Putting words in our mouths: diversity training as heterglossic spaceSwan, E; Mustafa Ozbilgin
Jan-2009Becoming flexible: Self-flexibility and its pedagogiesSwan, E; Fox, S
2009Becoming Flexible: Self-flexibility and its PedagogiesFox, S; Swan, E
Jan-2008You Make Me Feel Like A Woman: Therapeutic Cultures and the Contagion of FemininitySwan, E
Jan-2008Let's Not Get Too Personal: Critical reflection, reflexivity and the Confessional TurnSwan, E
Jan-2007Oscillating Politics and Shifting Agencies: equalities and diversity work and actor network theorySwan, E; Hunter, S
Jan-2007Blue Eyed Girl? Jane Elliott's Experiential Learning and Anti-RacismSwan, E; Reynolds, M; Vince, R