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1-Jan-2018Graphic criticism and the material possibilities of digital textsLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K
28-Aug-2015Visualising text-based data: Identifying the potential of visual knowledge production through design practiceLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K
31-Jul-2015Visualizing Text Creation: Patterns and PresentationLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K
2015Drawing Out: How designers analyse written texts in visual waysSadokierski, ZA; Sweetapple, K; Rodgers, P; Yee, J
2015Visualising texts: a design practice approach to humanities dataLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K; Maragiannis, A
Jan-2013Designing Distance: a first-person visual narratorSweetapple, K
Jan-2013The Book Spotter's Guide to Avian Titled LiteratureSadokierski, ZA; Sweetapple, K; Wallace, J; Yee, J; Durrant, A
Jan-2012Drawing Out: How designers analyse written texts in visual waysSadokierski, ZA; Sweetapple, K; Israsena, P; Tangsantikul, J; Durling, D
2010SLOW MOVING LANDSCAPES´╗┐Roxburgh, MW; Rees, M; Anderson, B; Sweetapple, K; Wagner, N
Jan-2007The Cartography of Theory and PracticeRoxburgh, MW; Sweetapple, K; Zehner, BEA
Jan-2007Power Dressing: a critique of design authorshipSweetapple, K
Jan-2007Finding integration pathways: developing a transdisciplinary (TD) approach for the Upper Nepean Catchment.Palmer, CG; Gothe, J; Mitchell, CA; Riedy, C; Sweetapple, K; McLaughlin, SM; Hose, GC; Lowe, M; Goodall, H; Green, T; Sharma, D; Fane, SA; Brew, K; Jones, PR; Wilson, AL; Dehaan, RL; Watts, RJ; Page, KJ; Bowmer, KH; Curtis, A
-Map of Sydney: Avian surnames; Map of Sydney: Fish surnames; Map of Sydney: Celestial surnames; The Browns; The Blacks and The Whites; The Greens and The Reds.Sweetapple, K; -
-Work/Play: 30 Years of Visual CommunicationRoxburgh, MW; Sweetapple, K
-Incidental DataSweetapple, K