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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03Design and evaluation of hysteresis models for structural systems using a fuzzy adaptive charged system searchRahbari, NM; Veladi, H; Azizi,; Sareh, P; Talatahari, S
2023-02-01Artificial Neural Networks for Flexible PavementBayat, R; Talatahari, S; Gandomi, AH; Habibi, M; Aminnejad, B
2023-01-01Fire Hawk Optimizer: a novel metaheuristic algorithmAzizi, M; Talatahari, S; Gandomi, AH
2022-12-01A swarm optimizer with modified feasible-based mechanism for optimum structure in steel industryNouhi, B; Jahani, Y; Talatahari, S; Gandomi, AH
2022-12Special Relativity Search: A novel metaheuristic method based on special relativity physicsGoodarzimehr, V; Shojaee, S; Hamzehei-Javaran, S; Talatahari, S
2022-09-04Chaos Game Optimization Algorithm with Crossover Operator for Solving Constraint Engineering Optimization ProblemsTalatahari, S; Bayzidi, H
2022-09-04Material Generation Algorithm Combined with Epsilon Constraint Handling Scheme for Engineering OptimizationAzizi, M; Talatahari, S
2022-09-01Space–Time Concept in Social Network Search AlgorithmTalatahari, S; Bayzidi, H; Bayzidi, M
2022-07-20The fusion–fission optimization (FuFiO) algorithmNouhi, B; Darabi, N; Sareh, P; Bayazidi, H; Darabi, F; Talatahari, S
2022-07-17Optimum structural design of full-scale steel buildings using drift-tribe-charged system searchTalatahari, S; Veladi, H; Azizi, M; Moutabi-Alavi, A; Rahnema, S
2022-06-04Seismic loss optimum design of steel structures using learning‐based charged system searchMotamedi, P; Banazadeh, M; Talatahari, S
2022-06Optimal design of low- and high-rise building structures by Tribe-Harmony Search algorithmAzizi,; Talatahari, S; Basiri, M; Shishehgarkhaneh, MB
2022-04-01Design optimization of fuzzy controllers in building structures using the crystal structure algorithm (CryStAl)Azizi, M; Talatahari, S; Sareh, P
2022-01-01A surrogate merit function developed for structural weight optimization problemsSadrekarimi, N; Talatahari, S; Azar, BF; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems: Social, keywords, and journal mapsToloo, M; Talatahari, S; Gandomi, AH; Rahimi, I
2022-01-01Multi-Objective Material Generation Algorithm (MOMGA) for Optimization PurposesNouhi, B; Khodadadi, N; Azizi, M; Talatahari, S; Gandomi, AH
2022Multiobjective charged system search for optimum location of bank branchTalatahari, S; Ranjbar, A; Tolouei, M; Rahimi, I
2021-05-13Material Generation Algorithm: A Novel Metaheuristic Algorithm for Optimization of Engineering ProblemsTalatahari, S; Azizi,; Gandomi, AH
2021-03-12Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Normal Concrete Containing Nano-MgO under Freeze–Thaw Conditions by Evolutionary IntelligenceYazdchi, M; Asl, AF; Talatahari, S; Gandomi, AH
2015-08-18New design equations for elastic modulus of concrete using multi expression programmingGandomi, AH; Faramarzifar, A; Rezaee, PG; Asghari, A; Talatahari, S