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2017Subnational finance in Australia and China: The case for municipal bond banksGrant, B; Woods, R; Tan, SF
30-Nov-2016Subnational finance in Australia and China: The case for municipal bond banksGrant, B; Woods, R; Tan, SF
30-Nov-2016Local representation in Australia: Preliminary findings of a national surveyTan, SF
6-Apr-2016How council mergers and reforms imperil local government democracyRyan, R; Tan, SF
Jun-2014EditorialRyan, R; Tan, SF
Jan-2014The gap between institutional expectations and councillor perceptions of their roles: how serious can it be?Tan, SF; IRSPM
Jan-2013Strategic Planning in Australian Local Government: A Comparative Analysis of State FrameworksTan, SF; Artist, S
Jan-2013Lessons Learned from Building Capacity for Workforce Planning in Western AustraliaTan, SF; Scott, V
Jan-2013Workforce Planning in Australian Local Government: Hitting the Mark?Tan, SF; n/a
Jan-2013Local Representation in Australia: A Review of the Legislation and LiteratureTan, SF; Grant, BJ
2013Issues in Australian Local Representation: A view from VictoriaTan, SF
Jan-2012Workforce Planning and Development: Capacity Building OpportunityTan, SF
Jan-2012Evolution in Community Governance Building on What WorksMcKinlay, P; Pillora, SD; Tan, SF; Tunzelmann, V
Jan-2012The Australian Model of Metropolitan Governance: Insights from Perth and South East QueenslandSansom, GC; Dawkins, J; Tan, SF
2011Gender and access to land and natural resources in Mali and NigerMonimart, M; Tan, SF
2008Understanding local difference: gender (plus) matters for NGOs.Kanji, N; Tan, SF
2005Portraits of Family Farming in West AfricaTan, SF; Guèye, B
-Mind the gap: Australian local government reform and councillors’ understandings of their rolesTan, SF; Morris, A; Grant, B